Full Term and Due This Month! Wow – 37 weeks

December 2011!!

Amazing… And just like that we’re getting ready for Christmas and the New Year! Well at least most people are… Us, we’re getting ready for the arrival of our little one! This year has been an amazing year and one I’m not going to forget in a hurry! I’m just thankful for getting to the last month and continue to pray for many more ahead…

So really since I’ve started my maternity leave what have I been up to? Not much! Well that’s not really true, I’ve been doing a bit of baby shopping, got some more clothes for the little missy, made her bed and all and started getting ready our hospital bed. Haven’t ticked everything off the list but we’re getting there :-).

We’ve also got some friends coming over this weekend so getting ready for that as well. I went to fix my hair yesterday! A nice weave which should last till the baby gets here then I’ll worry about what next after that.

I’m starting to get little cramps every now and then, which means things are moving along but I can’t call it contractions cos its nothing like the Braxton Hicks I’m used to getting. This is more like period cramps, but no tightens, so a little confused and annoyingly it just started over the weekend, AFTER I had seen the midwife! Once I stand up and walk around I always feel a lot better too. Checked online and some people have it as well, and nothing to worry about so it’s all good! My next appointment is next Friday so I’ll hang in till then. But if it gets any worse I’m calling the hospital!

I’m still getting some sleep-ish. Turning at night is a nightmare cos of the pain in my pelvic bone but once I stand up I’m alright. I also need to make a more conscious effort to drink water cos right now I’m not getting enough!

All in all, we good so thank God for that and I’ll just continue to pray that the little one comes by or before the 18th cos I don’t want her to share her birthday with Christmas! Fingers crossed…

Happy new month and enjoy your preparations for Christmas…

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