First Week Back at Work – I Survived

Okay, maybe I’m being a little over dramatic here, but hey, I did survive! Considering the fact that I thought I won’t cope, I feel very proud of the fact that I made it through my first week without shedding a tear! 🙂 My little girl went to the nursery on Monday and spent the whole day there all by herself and she was just fine without me… The rest of the week was with Grandma.

Anjie and Grandma
Anjie and Grandma

Monday was alright really, she was happy at the nursery, except for the fact that she had two poo explosions and her clothes had to be changed twice! That’s my girl, she’s making them work for their money :). At work it felt a bit surreal, being back at my desk after 9 months (obviously it wasn’t the same desk I left behind :D). Was great seeing the old faces at work and lots of new ones as well, will take some time getting used to it all again. The good thing is I have Wednesday and Friday off this month so I’ll ease into work gradually.

I decided since Anjie and I are still enjoying breastfeeding so much we would stick with it at least till she’s one then we’ll review it again. I’m just glad we got to the 6 month mark anyway! So right now I feed her in the morning and at night when I get back from work. We still have night-time feeds so I breastfeed her then as well. So far she’s still waking up 1-3 times at night, but thankfully my mother-in-law helps out with a feed here and there so it works out good in the end.

I also hit the gym twice last week… It felt strange as well! But strange in a good way. I’m still doing my Zumba once or twice a week and still enjoying that a lot. I’m hoping to be able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes by the end of the year, or at least close to fitting in! That’s my target. Let’s just say I have about 40 pounds to get rid off… No comment.

Anjie’s nursery has a fund-raising event this weekend so that’s something we’ll be doing on Sunday, feels like a PTA meeting (Parents Teachers Association)! Can’t believe we’ve already started attending things like that, my goodness seems like just yesterday my parents were attending my school plays and stuff! Although this is more of a fun outing than anything though so let’s hope there’s sun!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the week ahead…

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