February! I’m due this month! – 38 weeks #Pregnancy 2

Thank You Lord for another month, and what a special month it is/will be! I can officially say I’m due this month! How exciting is that 🙂

Among being the birth month for our unborn child, February is also the month I was born and our wedding anniversary month! How blessed is that? So much to be thankful for… No, we didn’t plan to have a child this month either, it just happened… So this month will always have a special place in my heart!

Although I’ve still got a while to go, it feels so good to know we’re getting that little bit closer to the finish line and what a ride it has been. As I feared since I went on Maternity leave I’ve slowed down a lot in terms of fitness, it is literally non-existent! And I have now begun to feel those aches and pains associated with pregnancy a whole lot more… My pelvic joints don’t feel the same and my back, oh my poor back…

February - Due this monthI finally packed my bags last week/weekend thanks to a list I was given from the hospital, once again, something I wasn’t given during my Antenatal care in Leeds, although the list isn’t that much different from my first hospital bag list which I’ve updated with the thing I didn’t use. I’ve also been given a birth plan which I initially had no plans of making this time around, but since I’ve been given a tick list I can work with that! It will be essentially the same as my last birth plan last time but we all know these things aren’t set in stone.

As much as I would love for the little one to arrive yesterday I really can’t pray for that until my Mother-in-law gets here! She’ll be arriving this weekend and can’t wait! Once she gets here we can officially say we’re ready for this baby! Although we have a backup plan it’d be much better if MIL was home so she’d be with Aj while we go to the hospital. And to think there was a time I actually considered home birth because of Aj… yes, I did 🙂

I’ve got a 38 week Midwife appointment later this week so we’ll see how ‘ready’ this baby is! I ‘feel’ like they’ve moved a lot lower as my bladder is wayyyy more active than I would like but I still feel like my bump hasn’t dropped so a little confusing there but we’ll see.

In the meantime, my online course in Marketing has finally started although it’s still early days… so far so good, trying to get through as much as I can now while I’m still ‘free’. It’s definitely a plus that it’s something I’m interested in and have an idea about because everything they’re talking about makes sense, so that helps loads.

Here’s wishing everyone a blessed and amazing new month ahead!


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14 comments on “February! I’m due this month! – 38 weeks #Pregnancy 2

  1. You look great! You’re almost there!!! I hadn’t even thought about the hospital bag. Guess that’s something I have to start thinking about. I feel so behind with this kid. And now I only have single digit weeks to go. Yikes! Where did the time go???

  2. It’s been a pleasure following your journey! So glad you shared it with us instead of being “superstitious” like so many other expecting Nigerian women

  3. Wish you safe delivery my dear. All is well. New baby come quick o no give your mama stress too much to push you out o OK. I will ask mummy when you come if you did just that.

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