Ever the Worrier

Someone said the 3rd trimester should be called the worry trimester and I totally agree!

The first trimester you’re too sick and weak to worry much. All you can think about is getting through that stage to the ‘blossoming’ months ahead! Once you get past that stage and move into the second trimester, you start to relax abit and feel more like yourself. Heck, you can even do some exercise and have fun a bit and yes, you glow! But then the 3rd trimester comes and then you have to take note of baby movements! And worry when there’s no movement or reduced movement for a day or so!

My baby (I love saying that) has or rather had a pattern. The little one moved! If it wasn’t a kick it was a somersault or a hiccup! There was always something going on at least every few hours! Then I hit 28 weeks and the pattern changed! The baby kinda slowed down and I worried. It was probably just for a day but I worried still! But then I read the movements might start to slow down any time from now as the baby gets larger and their space gets smaller. Fair enough, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying.

I can feel the moves now, less kicks and more hiccups and somersaults so that’s quite interesting…

Thank God I have a Midwife’s appointment tomorrow so I can tell her all about my worries and just get it off my chest. Did I mention I have swollen feet and my wedding rings are starting to get tight? Not good I tell ya!

But I have strong faith in the Lord Almighty! All is and will be well!!

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