Did Someone Mention 4 month Sleep Regression??

OMG!!! Last night had to be one of the worst nights Anjie and I have had since she stopped being a newborn baby! I’m pretty certain she woke up at least 6 times! Twice to eat and the rest just dummy runs! That was soo not good…

I had heard a lot of December mummies talk about the 4 month sleep regression and thought I was already going through it but boy was I wrong! Now I know the difference! it doesn’t help that Anjie will be exactly 4 months tomorrow either!!

About two weeks ago Anjie started having just one feed between 7.30pm and 6am which I thought was absolutely brilliant! Figured we were on the right track to her sleeping through the night! But then last week she started waking up twice again for a feed and chucked it up to the sleep regression thingy! Now that last night happened I know THIS is the sleep regression! I’m just praying it’s a growth spurt or even teething and she will be back to her old self of waking up not more than twice at night very soon, or else it is going to be a long week ahead…

Plus it doesn’t help we’ll be going up north for a week this weekend! A new sleeping environment for Anjie and all, very curious to see how she’s going to adapt! Hubby is going away for a business trip and we figured we’ll tag along since we’re not doing much here anyway! Fun times…

Wish me luck with this sleep regression thingy, any other tips I should know about?

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4 comments on “Did Someone Mention 4 month Sleep Regression??

  1. Hey, I’m visiting for the first time. I linked up with you from a comment you left on OK Dani’s blog. I read that in month 4 sleep regression can occur. I also read that one of the best ways to combat it is to make sure baby is taking regular naps during the daytime. For a baby less than 4 months old, it is recommended that they do not stay up longer than 2 hours. My lil boy is 3 months old so I haven’t gotten to that point yet to know if it works. I read this in a book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Mrs K! Thanks for stopping by and the tip! I definitely try to give her regular naps during the day but sometimes she’s just not having it! But with this info I’ll try harder and see how it works! Thank you!

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