Cousin JJ’s sleepover last weekend

So Jj had his first sleep over at our house last weekend. It was different because it was just him, without his folks! His mum (my sister) said he’ll be fine as he’s done it before, but I was a little nervous as this was technically my first time of having a child stay over without their mum or dad so I was definitely curious to see how it would pan out. Obviously, it helps that the kids both love each other to bits and JJ is just a few months younger than Aj so they’re almost twins!

After school on Friday, Aj and I went to pick JJ up from his place and she was so excited! Then, we went to get Junior from nursery and he was surprised and excited to see JJ too! They were having a grandparents tea party at the nursery so they had loads of sandwiches to go round so Aj and Jj tucked in and had dinner some to eat and generally got noisy with the rest of the toddlers in Junior’s class. I’m sure the teachers couldn’t wait to get rid of us with all the disturbance we caused! At least the sandwiches didn’t go to waste!

We finally got home at about 5pm and the kids continued their noise making and destroying the house well until about 9pm when Junior couldn’t keep up and started nodding off, bless him. By the time I gave him a quick bath and tucked him in, he was out for the night!

Aj and Jj still continued until about 10.30pm when I was just like, it’s okay come and go to bed! After a very half-hearted protest, they finally went to bed and that was that – it didn’t take them both more than 5 minutes to fall asleep, which is very unusual for Aj who fights sleep a lot!

This video sums up what we were doing that night…

A video posted by Tola Omoniyi (@tolafam21) on Sep 14, 2016 at 1:26pm PDT

There I was feeling very proud of myself and thinking, yes, I’ll probably get a lie-in Saturday morning since everyone went to bed so late but it was not to be! Jj and Aj work me up at about 6.30AM!! I gave them an iPad and managed to grab another hour before Jj said he was ‘super duper hungry’ and that was how I had to get up for the day…

That same Saturday, we got to hang out with some more of the cousins, Dj and Nae-nae in Cambridge, where we were invited to dinner! Silly me, I forgot to take pictures! I was distracted by all the food on display! Anyway, the cousins had a lovely time and loads to eat – primarily lots of dessert of course as that’s what they do…

We got home pretty late and once again Junior went to bed first then Aj & Jj followed around their usual time of about 10.30pm after falling asleep in the car of course! And as expected they woke up early again, this time just after 7am, a little better at least!

On Sunday we decided to drive into London and went to the Tate Modern – a modern art museum, where the kids got to do some online colouring, look at pictures, paintings and basically just run around a bit in London. After our London trip we went to drop Jj back home and as expect my daughter cried most of the way home… this happens every time! I don’t know when she’s going realise that he’s less than an hour away so she’ll see him again soon enough!

All in all, it was great fun and much better than I expected! Aj and Jj definitely bounced off each other and Junior, of course, refused to be left behind! Sure, there were a few times I think Jj was a bit homesick but he recovered and said he’s mum wants him to ‘stay forever’, bless him! But it was tiring sha! Having 3 kids under 5 is no joke, even if it’s just for 2 days!

Thankfully, this weekend plans to be a quite one, my favourite kind of weekend, hurray to that!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for reading and sticking around this long – especially all my mysterious readers who when I see in reality make a comment about my blog! I didn’t even know you were reading it!





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  1. Glad your first sleepover went well, and wow I could not believe the energy in the video! As for Ade’s version of the cartwheel? absolutely priceless! lol! so cute!

    • Thanks Neuyogi! I know, sometimes it crazy the amount of energy these kids can come up with even in the evening after they ‘should’ tired from school/nursery! Regarding Ade’s cartwheel, I couldn’t keep that to myself, so just had to share it, lol… x

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