Class Meetups, Nursery Graduation & Legoland!

Last weekend was a pretty fun time for us, hectic but well spent family time! A number of things were planned so I decided to take the friday off work. As Aj gets ready for big school in September I’m actually starting to question working 5 days a week – this is something I’ll be reviewing over the next few months…

Not to get sidetracked, here’s what we got up to last weekend!

I have already falling in love with Aj’s new school, what with the speech day event we attended a few weeks ago and preparations for September, it just keeps getting better – until they send the term bill of course!

So to help get the kids ready for reception in September, the school assigns a Parent Rep to each reception class and this parent is an ‘experienced’ one who usually would have a child(ren) in the senior class so they know the ropes and ways around the school system which they kindly pass on to us newbies – for instance, apparently they have a second-hand uniform shop which have reduced rates for parents – I’ll be having a look into that! They also organise class meetups and setup facebook groups/chats so the parents are generally engaged and informed right from the start!

We had the first class meetup last week and had a 90% turnout which I thought was very encouraging! We met up at the Splash Park in St Albans and the kids had a great time while we parents chatted and got to know ourselves a bit – this is after we had already exchanged contact details during the course of the first few weeks of summer. A couple of the kids from the school nursery knew each other while most of us were just being introduced to school, so that was really nice. Everyone was friendly and down to earth so lets hope it stays that way! We have another class meetup before resumption in September so hopefully we’ll be able to attend that too…

After the meetup, we went for Aj’s nursery graduation. I know, I have often wondered why a nursery would organise a ‘graduation ceremony’ for pre-schoolers but it actually wasn’t too bad. Thankfully, we didn’t have to pay extra (something I know happens loads in Naija) and they didn’t have to dress-up and all of that drama. It was just a simple playdate with all her nursery mates outside the nursery setting with food, ice cream, magic show, and a gift presentation where they talked each every child for a little bit. You should have heard Aj try to pronouce graduation it was more like ‘gra-dulation’, bless her…

Then to crown the weekend up, we went to Legoland Windsor with the cousins! The kids had an absolute blast but we the parents were shattered!

If I’m honest I think we’re starting to get theme park fatigue (and we never start oh!). The queue times are an absolute joke (60 minutes to get on a ride?!) and there’s just no way to go through the whole park in a few hours and get your money’s worth! So we’ve decided next time (heaven knows when next that’ll be), we’ll make it a weekend thing where we’d actually have a sleepover AND we have to close our eyes and pay for those fast track things to jump the queue which I honestly believe is a scam in itself! Oh and we’ll also try not to go right in the middle of the peak season!

A few days after Legoland, after going to school and telling her friends and teachers about her trip in their ‘show and tell’ sessions, my daughter asked me if I knew where ‘Peppa Pig World’ was… I did the usual Nigerian mother thing and told her to go and ask her father – Yes, I’m becoming just like my mum!!

You guys have a lovely weekend and chat with you soon!


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8 comments on “Class Meetups, Nursery Graduation & Legoland!

    • I know right! I need to get my photos and couldn’t wait so I’ll upload more as they come along! Don’t know what happened with my photos 😥😥

  1. 😂😂I just showed JJ the pictures and he said ‘were am I? I’m not there!! They went to legoland? That’s not fair!’

  2. Too cool! I like the idea of assigning a parent rep. That really helps the new parents. My oldest starts kindergarten in September of 2017. She begins pre-K home schooling in a couple of weeks and I was not prepared for some of the schooling stuff we had to pick up. I was lost and had to ask for help. A “seasoned parent” can definitely help with that.

    I LOVE your response to your daughter about Peppa Pig. LOL…my daughter though often asks her dad first and then he comes to ask me. Not cool!

    • I know! When Aj started nursery last year it was the same for me, completely clueless! I definitely feel more confident right now than I did last year in terms of starting school.

      Haha, it’s definitely the other way round here and her dad encourages it by doing the same to me! So it felt good telling her that for a change, lol!

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