Christmas Holiday Trip & Last Day of 2014!

Christmas Holiday Trip & Last Day of 2014!

Merry Christmas!! Better late than never right? Hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends 🙂

This past week has been crazy busy for us! We had a lovely Christmas holiday and now trying to get back into the swing of things – especially as this is the last day of 2014! It’s been an amazing year and I’m thankful to God for so many things this year! I’m also super excited about 2015 not just because Aj’s sibling is on the way but I also plan on using this maternity leave to re-evaluate a number of things in my life!

Without getting too introspective (something which always happens around this time of the year), here’s what we got up to over the holiday!

We decided to spend Christmas with our family friends back in Leeds so took a drive down on the 24th with a quick stop over in Bradford to visit some relatives who we hadn’t seen since we left Leeds in 2012! How time flies, the boys were all grown now and it just made me realise (again) how much kids never really stop growing!

Visit to Bradford

We had a house party on Christmas day with loads of Naija music and the kids just had a blast! Aj was still recovering from her birthday scare with her body rash – we saw the doctor and got Epaderm which has worked okay but still left her with a bit of an itchy skin so had to get her something for that as well! But this didn’t get in the way of her fun!

Aj in Leeds

On Boxing day we drove down to York and spent some more time with our London family and then drove back home to the welcoming arms of snow! As we live on a hill our dear car said it couldn’t get us all that way home due to the snow so had to ditch the car and leg it the remaining 5 minutes to the house! Aj loved stomping around in the snow and it was deep!

Christmas with Family 2014

AJ and her new friends

Snow 2014

A couple of days later, Abby had man flu and was knocked out for a few days and I had a milder version which was still exhausting! Aj was just fine!

All in all, it was an amazing holiday with loads of fun and just wish our illness had stayed away, but oh well! Better then than now though as I definitely don’t want to enter the new year with any stupid illness!

In other news, I’m 33 weeks and going fine, except sleeping at night! I also figured this would be my last major ‘waka’ before baby gets here which is why we went all out this Christmas. I’ve got a few weeks left before I start my maternity leave so I can start to organise myself a lot better especially as I still haven’t packed a single bag…

Thank you all for being part of my 2014, it was a great ride! Here’s wishing you all a very prosperous and joyful New Year in 2015, may it be so much more than 2014 was with even bigger and better achievements to come!

Happy New Year!


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