Child Hallucinations and Dealing with it

Life has a funny way of throwing interesting things at you when it comes to being a parent! Last night was one of those days… Hubby and I probably only slept for about 4 hours due to this ‘child hallucination’ business… I’m just praying we’ve seen the last of this thing because I don’t want to go through it again!

So what happened?


Aj came home from school not her usual perky self, plus she was coughing loads. I knew she was coming down with something so we gave her some paracetamol and cough medicine to help. Once it was bedtime she went to bed without much of a fight – something very unlike my 3 year old!

Sometime after midnight she woke up with a temperature and said the bed was shaking… errr what? We just brushed it aside and decided to give her some more medicine and monitor her. Just before she started falling asleep her heart started racing and that’s when the real drama began!

My daughter started screaming about snakes and spiders everywhere! Now my daughter on a good day HATES creepy crawlies and jumps when she sees a spider so her reaction was no different, in fact it was worse… She said the spiders were on our face, her body, on the bed, you name it and she was screaming and trying to ‘get away’ from them! This lasted for close to two hours before she eventually fell asleep with hubby and I both there… It was terrifying and heartbreaking to watch because to her it was so real! It was like her worst nightmare. Thankfully, once she fell asleep she didn’t wake up till the next morning but she had a clear memory of what happened last night.

So what did we do?

  • Gave her paracetamol to bring her temperature down – this a primary trigger for hallucinations apparently
  • Went along with it – we became badass exterminators getting rid of all the snakes and spiders around, we even had a ‘spray’ to kill them
  • Distracted her with one of her tv shows
  • But most of all, we remained calm and kept reassuring her (or at least we tried to!)

During all the drama we were able to do some quick research and found out that it is quite common with children who have a high fever and the best thing to do is bring the temperature down and be calm!

To find out more you can visit the NHS website which talks about it here and other mums who have experienced similar.  I love the Internet!

All in all, it was an eye opening experience which I pray to God never happens again… Oh and Junior now has the bug Aj had… 🙁

Have you had or heard of similar hallucination stories? Do share and drop a comment!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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10 comments on “Child Hallucinations and Dealing with it

  1. That sounds like quite an experience. High-five to both you and hubby who were calm through it. I cannot guarantee that I wouldn’t have just turned into a sobbing mess. It’s hard watching our babies not be a 100%. Hope you never have to go through that again. Many hugs to AJ.

    • It really was! Thanks Bee! I’ve learnt kids feed off our emotions especially at this stage so learning to keep my cool most times and it really helps. Amen to that! X

  2. Glad to hear she is fine now. I had an episode with my toddler late last year which was caused by eating chocolate. She hardly slept for 2 hours all night. We had to trace everything she had eaten to find out what caused it and we narrowed it down to the chocolate. I never want to experience it again in my life. Hugs to her x

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