16 week Immunisation and finding a Nursery/Daycare/Childminder

16 weeks and it’s that special time again for the dreaded vaccines… This month she had 3!!! But thankfully she took it well, crying for a few seconds and then was okay. Next thing I knew, she was asleep like this! Bless her…


This is her third set, had one at 8 weeks and 12 weeks; thankfully the next one would be when she turns a year old or so. Also with this vaccine it means we are closer to getting her ears pierced



AngelCare Baby Monitor – My best baby buy so far

Caroline, one of my dear readers (;-)) recently made a comment about her best baby buy and got me thinking about what ours was! After much thinking and pondering, I’ll have to say it has to be our AngelCare Sensory Mat and Baby Monitor!


5 weeks and we introduced something new!

So my booboo turned 5 weeks this week! She’s growing bigger and bigger and can officially be called an ‘orobo’ which means ‘fat person’ in Yoruba but in this case we’ll go for chubby baby 🙂

After about two weeks of battling baby acne, it is clearing up, thank God! Went to the doctors on Thursday and they gave us Oilatum Junior Moisturising cream and Bathing liquid to use twice a day and whenever we bath her and I’ve already started seeing improvements! Her skin is not as dry as it used to look so they means it’s working well! Hopefully before the week runs out she’ll have the skin of well, a baby again! (more…)

1 month later – The Attack of Baby Rash!!

So Anjie turned one month today! I’m not going to say ‘how time flies’ because I remember each and everyday! I do wish the time would go faster cos I cannot wait till she’s more interactive and sleeps through the night – that’s just some of the things I’m looking forward to right now…


3 weeks and Exclusive Breast Feed is Not a walk in the park!

Anjie turned 3 weeks this today! Yipppeeee! From next week we can actually start counting in months, but I think I’ll stick with the week count till about 2-3 months 🙂

Anjie’s getting darker in the skin complexion department, meaning she’s once again tilting towards her dad in terms of looks! But it’s still early days so we’ll see! Some people see her pictures and insist she looks like my mum (I’ve been told I’m a darker version of my mum as well) so its just interesting to see which way she continues to swing in the looks department!

2 weeks old – My Mind’s playing tricks on me!

This week Anjie turned two weeks! I’m not going to say it has been fun all the way cos it hasn’t but like someone rightly put it, parenthood is hard, but then you come across those moments which make it absolutely worth it, like when she smiles in her sleep (she’s doing that now, priceless! Can’t wait for the proper smile though!)

I can’t deny the fact that the sleepless nights are getting to me. It’s worst in the early hours of the morning between 5am-7am, at that time I’m just exhausted and want to sleep! The good new is that Anjie recently picked up this pattern which I hope she sticks with for a bit. She falls asleep around 8-9pm after a major feed and sleeps till 2-2.30am! Once she sleeps like that I try to hit the bed around 10pm myself cos she’s with grandma at this time.

Week 35 – Are we there yet?

Well this is my 36th week of pregnancy and I’m getting closer and closer to full term – 37 weeks!

I know most people would say I shouldn’t hold my breathe about the baby coming then, especially as this is my first – I should be looking more towards 40-42 weeks! WHAT?? Well the good news is I spoke to my mum and she said we all came early! Including the first born! He was almost 2 weeks early if not more! So that’s what I’m talking about. If God did it for my mummy, He will do it for me!

Ever the Worrier

Someone said the 3rd trimester should be called the worry trimester and I totally agree!

The first trimester you’re too sick and weak to worry much. All you can think about is getting through that stage to the ‘blossoming’ months ahead! Once you get past that stage and move into the second trimester, you start to relax abit and feel more like yourself. Heck, you can even do some exercise and have fun a bit and yes, you glow! But then the 3rd trimester comes and then you have to take note of baby movements! And worry when there’s no movement or reduced movement for a day or so!