Aj and Junior settling down in the South

I still can’t believe we moved down south! I talked so much about my doubts and uncertainity so it’s funny how I did a quick turn around. Sometimes life just presents you with an opportunity and you either grab it and run with it or dig your heels in and stand your ground…

All things considered, moving down south has been better than I expected. We decided to simplify a number of things which helped, however, come September it’s going to be interesting time again and I just pray it sorts itself out before we get there!


My little man is no longer a baby!

Junior turned 1 over the weekend…

I still can’t believe it if I’m honest! I kept checking to make sure the date was right! I know I say it all the time but this year really is flying by too quick!

It was also my birthday on Sunday so we figured we’d kill two birds with one stone and make life easier for us all. It’s not like Junior is going to remember his first birthday anyway, right?


Junior Weaning at 5 months and what else is new?

Junior has started weaning! I haven’t been looking forward to this at all (I also dread potty training)! It is so messy and these babies are so unpredictable! I’ve promised myself I won’t put too much pressure on myself and will let the little man take the lead so we’ll see how that pans out…


The end of an era – Afternoon naps & a video!

Yes, like the title implies, it looks like my baby girl is no longer a baby any more…

I don’t want to give up afternoon naps because I get to do stuff during that time, heck sometimes even I take a nap as well! But it’s been a long time coming, we have to say goodbye! I’ve even gone and told the nursery to no longer push it – she’s always one of the last kids to drop off in her class because she fights it so much and sometimes she even wins!


Anjie having Daddy time – Short Video

I’ve been meaning to put up this video, even before my birthday, but finally getting around to it now!

This is what I go through everyday! Anjie is such a daddy’s girl so don’t be surprised shocked at what happens in this video! They really do mess around like this all day, it’s so funny to watch! Bless them both…

Hope you all are having a lovely week and catch up with you later!


Conversations with my 2 year old Sketches

This is my guilty pleasure! I’m always looking forward to the next episode from this guy and his daughter Coco! I can so relate to him, it’s crazy! Anjie is already showing these crazy tendencies and it’s only going to get worse better!

Conversations with my 2-year-old is a sketch about real conversions a father has with his 2-year-old re-enacted by him and another man. I know it sounds weird but its soooo funny!

Anyway, here’s what I’m talking about! Here are some of my favourites so far.


My Dancing Princess & Happy birthday to Me

So Thursday was my birthday! I’m thankful for another year with my wonderful family and I thank God for how far He has brought me… I have a wonderful husband, beautiful and happy daughter, great job, what more could I ask for! I’m happy and thankful!

And finally, I’ve got a video my dancing baby girl! Without further ado, I give you Groovy Anjie!