Child Hallucinations and Dealing with it

Life has a funny way of throwing interesting things at you when it comes to being a parent! Last night was one of those days… Hubby and I probably only slept for about 4 hours due to this ‘child hallucination’ business… I’m just praying we’ve seen the last of this thing because I don’t want to go through it again!

So what happened?



Junior at 6 weeks – The Colic Attack

A lot has been going on around here, the major one being colic… The dreaded colic attack!

Aj never had colic so I only heard about it but never really experienced it, thankfully I had been warned! Based on the little I’ve seen with it, I have to agree, colic is not a nice thing for a child to go through…


AJ’s Birthday in Pictures & Jammy Jam Cakes Review

Yesterday was Aj’s 3rd birthday! In the end we decided to have another quiet birthday partly because I was being lazy what with baby and her switching nurseries so she’s still making friends at her new place. We decided to have another quiet family thing like we did  with her last two birthdays and she’ll go party with her new friends in school today!

Good thing we did too because she woke up with a temperature and a swollen face the morning of her birthday! Panic!! Thankfully she was fine within a few hours but she’s definitely reacting to something because she still has a body rash! Still trying to figure out what could have caused it…

Anyway, enough about that, the pictures! (more…)

Anjie’s Ear Piercing and Moving Out! – 20 weeks

So this bank holiday weekend was pretty busy for us! We finally got Anjie’s ears pierced which I mentioned in a previous post, so I’m glad that is finally out of the way! Took us 19 weeks to get it done but loving the overall look.

Here’s her rocking the new look…



The First Cold is the Hardest…

I knew this day would come, but just wish it didn’t have to be this soon! AJ has gotten her first cold :-(. She’s had a runny nose, cough and been sneezing since yesterday! Her breathing at night was a bit off and she was snoring too, bless her…

So today I got saline drop for her nose and that seems to have helped a bit but apparently can’t really do anything for the cough! It just breaks my heart to hear her breathe like that but she is totally indifferent! She’s just as happy as usual and always ready with a smile! The only thing is she’s sleeping a lot more but I’m still trying to get her to eat as much as possible as that should help the cold.

Praying my baby starts feeling super duper ASAP! I can’t stand to see her like this…