Swimming lessons with a toddler – Success!!

Last week I blogged about Anjie starting her swimming lessons which was a disaster – partly my fault really! So to make sure I knew where I was going and didn’t get late this time I went on a re-con mission a couple of days before the swimming lesson and it took me only about 15 mins to get there! That works perfectly for me as I close 4pm, make a dash to pick Anjie and arrive at the swimming pool with about 10mins to change and get ready for the class!


25 months and We are Swimming Again!

I decided this would be the year Anjie got into swimming regularly!

We’ve gone swimming a couple of times since she was born and it was interesting… The first time I’d say she liked it-ish. She was about 5 months so what did she know, we just went there, we played in the water for a bit and got out. The 2nd time, she was just over a year and she wasn’t quite keen. I’m sure she spent more time walking around the pool than actually being IN the pool! But at least we sha got into the pool.

So 2014, I said let’s do it right! Because my daughter must know how to swim!!


Anjie at 16 months! We’re Swimming again!

I’m still trying to get back into blogging but it’s hard! There’s just not enough hours in the day… But we’ll get there! In the meantime, I have definitely been very picture happy, so I’ll be making up with loads of them!

We’ve go another Omoniyi baby in the family! That’s another little cousin for Anjie to play with when the young man gets older. Congrats to you guys once again if you’re reading this! So while we were meeting baby Omoniyi, Anjie also caught up with JJ! Now that was funny to watch, they were playing together and running after each other, well running and crawling… And singing



Anjie is Weaning and Swimming at 5 months!

Although we had a relatively quite week the weekend was busy! We decided to introduce Anjie to some baby food! Namely baby rice and banana porridge… The initial plan was to wait till she was 6 months but she’s been giving all the signs of being ready, including great head control, sitting up on her own, watching us while eating and sometimes even taking food from our plate and putting it in her mouth! So with that decide to hit the 22 week mark and start! I figured I’ll start with baby cereal once a day then gradually increase it to three times a day and bring in puree by 6 months. For now i give her the cereal after her breastmilk, that way she isn’t too hungry and cranky.

My baby’s growing up!!