Product Review

Yu! Healthy snacks review – Love it!

Now this is a review I’m going to love doing because I love this product! In fact the story behind reviewing it is actually quite funny! Simply put, it’s days like this I LOVE being a blogger!



Personalised Teddy Bear – review

I recently got an email asking if I was interested in reviewing a product from I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a play with a smaller brand as I tend to buy most of my stuff from big brands like Amazon, Mothercare and others. And of course, it was a free offer so who could say no!

A little bit of DIY with Enchanted Interiors

So, we live in a rented house and we’ve been bitten a few times when it comes to changing a rented property and all. We’re not allowed to make much changes to a room, its in our contract. So that’s always been my excuse for not really doing up Anjie’s room and making it more of a little child’s room.


The Sunrise Baby Changing Bag from Yippydada – Product Review

So I figured it was time to get a new changing bag from the boring old Mothercare bag I first bought when we did our first baby shopping. Heaven knows why I picked such a boring black bag, oh wait, I know, I wanted something my hubby could carry as well… Now, those days are gone, now I want to go back to being a yummy mummy! So what bag did I get? This cute little thing right here