Potty training

AJ with her cousin OJJ

Potty Training Again – How are we doing?

1 word? AMAZING!!

This is something we’ve battled for a long time! The first time we thought to do it was when madam pooed on her bed! As you can imagine that didn’t go very well! We’ve been trying potty training on and off since then but it just hasn’t quite worked – and me being the awesome chilled out mother that I am, I decided not to push it 🙂

A couple of weeks ago we decided to re-introduce the potty over the weekend, however, we were away all Saturday so we only did it on Sunday. We had like a 10% success rate out of what seemed like a 100 chances! Needless to say it wasn’t fun.

Not to be panicky and all, but I was conscious of the fact that December was getting closer and my daughter wasn’t getting any younger so I knew this was something we had to do soon!

AJ with her Coz OJJ 2

That AJ with her cousin OJJ don’t they look alike?

Hubby’s Birthday 2014 & Father’s day weekend

Last week was hubby’s birthday and it was father’s day too! So hubby had a really nice treat! It was a bit of a busy weekend as we had a wedding that weekend down south as well, so we drove down and also got to see some old family friends.

This year’s birthday cake we decided to go for Adventure Time which is a current favourite of hubbys! He said this has to be the best cake yet! I don’t know, the android cupcakes were pretty cool… The Chelsea cake? not so much!
Adventure time birthday cake (more…)

Moving a toddler to a big girl’s bed

It’s funny how as parents we worry about the strangest things and then suddenly it happens right under our nose and we’re like ‘what! how/when did that happen?!’.

Anjie has been in her cot bed since forever. We thankfully never got an over adventurous child that wanted to explore climbing out of their cot! So we ended up just lowering it and leaving it that way. Until the last Easter holiday…

Growing up and moving on – Anjie at 25 months

First of all, happy anniversary to us! Abby and I got married this time 3 years ago, or as a friend of mine would say – 3 years don waka pass … It’s been awesome, fun, amazing, crazy, annoying, hilarious, blessed, fruitful, grateful, grace-filled, enlightening, eye-opening… (I could go on really) but in all, I’m so blessed to be married to this wonderful man I call my husband who never cease to amaze me in so many different ways and it’s even more exciting to know our best days are ahead of us… Amen!

Our traditional wedding

Our traditional wedding in 2011

Alright! Moving on before I get too mushy mushy and burst into a song!

I thought I’d just talk generally about life with our 25 month old missy, with loads of pictures of course – Something I haven’t done in a bit!

Help, My daughter is becoming a DIVA

I knew this day would come, but I didn’t think it would be this soon!

Since winter is coming and all, hubby and I thought it was time we get a new winter jacket for Anjie since she’s outgrowing her old ones. We went into town and got a nice red winter jacket thinking she would look gorgeous in it and couldn’t wait for her to wear it.

Getting ready for Potty training

Isn’t it funny how when raising kids there are different stages and hurdles to cross every single day! I means these babies and toddlers know how to keep us on our toes! First I was battling with breastfeeding then teething, sleep training, disciplining and now it’s Potty training!

Bring out the instruction book and let’s get reading again!