Connected Again and using Bloglovin’

So first of all, can I just say I am so glad to come home to Internet! We finally got connected yesterday after moving house earlier on this year! Yes, it took that long to get Wi-Fi and a landline from BT! But I’m not going to go into it, let’s just say it’s been very annoying, but all sorted now! So hopefully I’ll go back to blogging more regularly now… *crossing fingers*

Also, since Google reader no longer exists I’ve had to find another alternative to keep track of the blogs I read and in comes Bloglovin’, really good for finding different types of blogs too, so I’ll be hanging out there a little bit now! Lastly, I’ve been asked to include this link

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

So I can claim my blog so that’s what I’m doing! 🙂

You all have a lovely weekend and catch up later



How to Baby Proof your Home Infographic

So, yes I work for MoneySupermarket and all, but this is a piece I can definitely relate to!

Baby proofing our home is something we’re still constantly doing (even with a 14 month old baby), especially as we recently moved house. As much as we try to give Anjie the space to run around and have fun we also have to look out for her safety. One of her favorite places is the kitchen, which isn’t always a good thing what with all the cooking going on in there! But everyday is a school day so we live and learn! She’s definitely getting to that stage where she wants to be more independent and roam the house as and when she pleases! We’ve done quite a bit so I’m happy with the baby proofing we’ve done, the rest, we’ll deal with as and when required!

Here’s the infographic on baby proofing your house!How to Baby Proof your Home

Image source: MoneySupermarket.com

Boosting Your Confidence in the Workplace – an ebook

An online friend of mine, Aloted Omoba, just published an ebook on how to boost one’s confidence in the workplace and is currently available for free download at their website Super working mum. I’ve found this very useful especially as I’ve been at home for the last 9 months and just back at work myself. So why did I find it useful?


32 Weeks! Time is going slowly again

Right! So finally hit 32 weeks – the 8 month mark and I’m getting more than excited! I can’t wait to meet her and I want to hold her already! But I know I need to be patient so she comes out perfect…

Also had a midwife appointment on Friday (the male midwife again!). Baby’s heartbeat is good but he said at this point it’s more the baby’s movement. If I notice a drop in the movement I need to make a call to the clinic and they would advise me what to do. Although they will advise me to drink cold water or a fizzy drink and/or something sweet to get baby’s glucose level up and see if it’ll make the little one move! If that still doesn’t do anything then they would bring me in for a scan… I have faith it will never come to that!

And I begin to Waddle

Well, like the title says, I have sadly begun to Waddle… How so very depressing!!

This week started like any other week except for the tiny fact that my engagement ring no longer fits! The horror!! Thank goodness my wedding ring still fits although I find that a bit strange considering they’re supposed to be the same size! Oh well… Better than nothing!