Buddy Fruits – Nigerian Healthy Snack Review!

For those of you who loved the Yu Fruits review you’d definitely love this one! And what’s even more exciting is it’s available in Nigeria!

Buddy Nigerian Blended Fruits

April 13 – My birthday, My testimony

A friend of mine on Facebook recently posted a testimony on his page which brought a tear to my eye – tears of joy of course! I’ve known this guy from my university days in Akungba and his a great guy, he was very helpful back then in Uni and coached a couple of us when we were struggling with Calculus – I’ll never forget him for that because he saved us! We could have failed that exam if it wasn’t for him! Fast-forward to after uni days and it turns out he married someone from our school too (our school back then was tiny, so most people knew of each other!) and God has blessed them with two beautiful kids!

On his birthday, he said he just had to share this testimony with everyone and asked me to share too… I hope it touches someone out there and gives you the strength you think you don’t have!


How being in a relationship could save you money – Infographic

You know the saying two heads are better than one? Well it looks like it applies to saving money too! Apparently a couple could save on their things like car insurance, energy bills and gym membership to name a few… I’d say that sounds about right considering I’ve lived on my own and as a couple, it definitely has it benefits! 🙂

Check out this infographic by Ovo to see more


Protecting our children from abuse – The PANTS rule

I read this article earlier today and it brought a tear to my eye.

This is something that always plays at the back of my mind – is my daughter safe? Am I doing everything possible as parent to make sure she is well protected? Which is why when I read about the PANTS campaign I just had to blog about it! I know it is something a lot of parents do already (and I’m possibly late to the PANTS campaign rule!) but for people like me that think oh my daughter is too young, well she isn’t! The difference between 2 and 3 is 365 days! So there’s no such thing as being too early to start practicing these rules.

Talk Pants

Learn the Pants Rule


Making the Internet safe for our kids

I’m a mum and quite an open mummy blogger for that matter.

I share pictures of my family online everyday, sometimes I worry this might come back to bite me but I do try to be conscious and careful of the things I post because I know the Internet can be a big, bad and unsafe world out there and I believe being ‘aware’ is the first step.

Hubby and I are very much into technology and gadgets (well kind of) I hate to say we’re geeks (he is probably choking on his coffee now because he can’t believe I just used that word to describe us :)) but yes, we both have that tendency so I’m pretty sure Anjie and her sibling will grow up being quite ‘aware’ too. We’re not going to fight it or prevent it from happening because that’s just the way it is – heck, I’m even going to encourage it!

I’ve been nominated for a Nigerian Blog Award!



Like the title says, I’ve been nominated for Best Parenting or Family blog over at NigerianBlogAwards.com!! This is awesome news for me as I didn’t think I’d be nominated! A massive thanks to everyone who actually nominated me! Heck, I didn’t even think much people read my blog in the first place, so this is a real honour for me 🙂

Now can I please make one last request for you all to please vote for my ‘Stepping in Motherhood’ blog! Here’s a link to the voting page! Please don’t be a stranger, vote vote vote!! It closes on the 11th of December so there’s no excuse not to vote! 🙂

Thanks in advance…


What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Live Event

Last weekend was a pretty busy weekend, I decided to go for a working mum conference down in London with my sister and it was great fun! Anjie get to hang out with her other favourite person in the world, her daddy, and mummy got to have some me time! It doesn’t get better than that :). But that said, she actually cried when we were at the station…. Glad to know I’d be missed!