Newborn Baby

Sleep training 101

I’m hoping I won’t need to do this any time soon but just in case I do, where better to bookmark it then on my blog…

A nice and simple infographic on sleep training 101.

Sleep training 101
Sleep Training Graphic from Mommy Relief


Happy One Month Anniversary to my Nephew Jay-jay

Yes! My first nephew and second grandchild in the family, Jay-jay is a month old today!!

Although Jay-jay was a tad bit early (6 weeks to be exact), he’s proving there’s no stopping him! His growing everyday and delighting his mummy, daddy and grandparents non-stop! Although, his apparently giving them some sleepless nights already! The cheeky little man!

We’ll just So thankful to God for all He has done and what He will continue to do! I just can’t wait to meet and give Baby Joisah a big massive Aunty cuddle! And I bet his cousin Anjie can’t wait to meet him either! Hopefully in a few months! Can’t wait…

In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with pictures instead, and yes, I have gotten consent! Isn’t he just a cutie! 🙂



A Newborn baby’s letter to Mummy on Breastfeeding

I came across this article on breastfeeding from a newborn baby’s POV and found it quite enlightening and interesting. Wish I had read this before I started breastfeeding because there were days I felt like my milk supply just wasn’t enough and it was hard! I talked about it in a previous post here. And like the article said my mum always suggested I include some formula as that’s what she did with all of us. But in the end it’s working out fine for everyone…

Hope you enjoy the read!

Newborn Baby explains normal behaviour

Anjie gets her Immunisation and 6-8 week Check

So my folks left at the beginning of the week. I can’t say it has been a walk in the park… We’ve had some good days and not so good days (or rather nights!) with the little madam! But like my mum says ‘everyday is plus one’. She won’t always be like this, – not sleeping through the night, or eating every 2-3 hours – infact there will come a time when she will be almost too independent! So take it easy!

Anjie in Her Victoria Lady Baby Sling

So remember I said I was going to get a Victoria Sling Lady baby sling? Well it came in the post and I have to say Anjie and I are absolutely loving it!

The Victoria Sling Lady Sling (VSLS from now on!) is pretty simple and cheap! Infact it is so simple you wonder why I didn’t think of that! (to be fair back home in Nigeria we carry our babies on our back with a large piece of cloth, I just don’t have the guts or know-how to do it!). I got if off EBay for £15 and it’s well worth it especially when my mum leaves this weekend…


5 weeks and we introduced something new!

So my booboo turned 5 weeks this week! She’s growing bigger and bigger and can officially be called an ‘orobo’ which means ‘fat person’ in Yoruba but in this case we’ll go for chubby baby 🙂

After about two weeks of battling baby acne, it is clearing up, thank God! Went to the doctors on Thursday and they gave us Oilatum Junior Moisturising cream and Bathing liquid to use twice a day and whenever we bath her and I’ve already started seeing improvements! Her skin is not as dry as it used to look so they means it’s working well! Hopefully before the week runs out she’ll have the skin of well, a baby again! (more…)

1 month later – The Attack of Baby Rash!!

So Anjie turned one month today! I’m not going to say ‘how time flies’ because I remember each and everyday! I do wish the time would go faster cos I cannot wait till she’s more interactive and sleeps through the night – that’s just some of the things I’m looking forward to right now…


3 weeks and Exclusive Breast Feed is Not a walk in the park!

Anjie turned 3 weeks this today! Yipppeeee! From next week we can actually start counting in months, but I think I’ll stick with the week count till about 2-3 months 🙂

Anjie’s getting darker in the skin complexion department, meaning she’s once again tilting towards her dad in terms of looks! But it’s still early days so we’ll see! Some people see her pictures and insist she looks like my mum (I’ve been told I’m a darker version of my mum as well) so its just interesting to see which way she continues to swing in the looks department!