AJ with her cousin OJJ

Potty Training Again – How are we doing?

1 word? AMAZING!!

This is something we’ve battled for a long time! The first time we thought to do it was when madam pooed on her bed! As you can imagine that didn’t go very well! We’ve been trying potty training on and off since then but it just hasn’t quite worked – and me being the awesome chilled out mother that I am, I decided not to push it 🙂

A couple of weeks ago we decided to re-introduce the potty over the weekend, however, we were away all Saturday so we only did it on Sunday. We had like a 10% success rate out of what seemed like a 100 chances! Needless to say it wasn’t fun.

Not to be panicky and all, but I was conscious of the fact that December was getting closer and my daughter wasn’t getting any younger so I knew this was something we had to do soon!

AJ with her Coz OJJ 2

That AJ with her cousin OJJ don’t they look alike?


Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well technically it was yesterday but it’s never to late right?

It didn’t go quite as planned but it was lovely never the less! Got to spend time with my two favourite people in the world. And then Anjie sang happy birthday to me… Best. Gift. Ever!!!

Growing up and moving on – Anjie at 25 months

First of all, happy anniversary to us! Abby and I got married this time 3 years ago, or as a friend of mine would say – 3 years don waka pass … It’s been awesome, fun, amazing, crazy, annoying, hilarious, blessed, fruitful, grateful, grace-filled, enlightening, eye-opening… (I could go on really) but in all, I’m so blessed to be married to this wonderful man I call my husband who never cease to amaze me in so many different ways and it’s even more exciting to know our best days are ahead of us… Amen!

Our traditional wedding

Our traditional wedding in 2011

Alright! Moving on before I get too mushy mushy and burst into a song!

I thought I’d just talk generally about life with our 25 month old missy, with loads of pictures of course – Something I haven’t done in a bit!

Happy 2nd Birthday and Merry Christmas!!

I feel very very guilty I didn’t blog on the little Missy’s birthday last week! Been very busy with friends and family over, but just thought I’d drop a quick post!

We had another low keyed birthday for Anjie last week but of course we made a cake for her! It didn’t blow me away like the last cake but it was cute.


I’ll post some other pictures later on…

In the meantime, you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Wow! I won Best Parenting/Family blog 2013!!!!!

I still can’t believe it but it happened!

I won the Best Parenting or Family blog 2013 at Nigeria Blog Awards earlier today!

You can imagine my surprise waking up to a tweet mentioning me!

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me! It’s an amazing feeling and achievement and I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Best Parenting o Family blog Winner by Popular vote

Thank you all for being there and giving me that encouragement to keep doing this everyday.

Love you guys…


I’ve been nominated for a Nigerian Blog Award!



Like the title says, I’ve been nominated for Best Parenting or Family blog over at!! This is awesome news for me as I didn’t think I’d be nominated! A massive thanks to everyone who actually nominated me! Heck, I didn’t even think much people read my blog in the first place, so this is a real honour for me 🙂

Now can I please make one last request for you all to please vote for my ‘Stepping in Motherhood’ blog! Here’s a link to the voting page! Please don’t be a stranger, vote vote vote!! It closes on the 11th of December so there’s no excuse not to vote! 🙂

Thanks in advance…


My Dancing Princess & Happy birthday to Me

So Thursday was my birthday! I’m thankful for another year with my wonderful family and I thank God for how far He has brought me… I have a wonderful husband, beautiful and happy daughter, great job, what more could I ask for! I’m happy and thankful!

And finally, I’ve got a video my dancing baby girl! Without further ado, I give you Groovy Anjie!

Merry Christmas!!!

Just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to everyone! A bit late but better later than never, right?

Hope everyone had a lovely day! We had some friends over for dinner. Wasn’t quite like Anjie’s birthday party which never was as family was missing but just some close friends and we had a lovely time!

And I’ve also got a backlog of pictures we took of Anjie on her birthday with her absolutely lovely cake from Sarah at Cupcake crumbs. I’d used her before for Abby’s Andriod birthday cake so I was confident she would do a fine job but she absolutely outdid herself! I found the cake image online and she replicated it amazingly. It was so pretty we didn’t want to cut it! But when we finally did the inside was just as lovely! White chocolate mud cake! Amazing! Have a look for yourself!


Happy 1st birthday to Anjie

Happy birthday to my darling and sweetie-bo Anjie!

Can’t believe it’s been a year already. I’m so thankful to God for how far He has brought you and I know this is just the beginning, your best days are ahead of you my love. Mummy and daddy and all your family love you so much! God bless you, keep you and protect you all the days of your life…