Week 34 – Midwife Appointment and 2 weeks to go

First off, today’s the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011. Making it 11-11-11. As much as this is all well and good I’m not quite sure what the big deal is… All I know is it is another day to be thankful for and means we are getting closer to the 18th of December 🙂


Alright, Now I’m getting tired!

I’m now 32 + 3 weeks and I’m starting to get tired again :(.

Still trying to figure out if today is an exception or the dreaded symptoms of the third trimester are upon me again! Plus it doesn’t help that in my last midwife appointment my blood level was good so the midwife said I don’t need the iron tablets anymore! So is my tiredness a result of being in the third trimester, stopping my iron tablets or it’s just one of them day..?

32 Weeks! Time is going slowly again

Right! So finally hit 32 weeks – the 8 month mark and I’m getting more than excited! I can’t wait to meet her and I want to hold her already! But I know I need to be patient so she comes out perfect…

Also had a midwife appointment on Friday (the male midwife again!). Baby’s heartbeat is good but he said at this point it’s more the baby’s movement. If I notice a drop in the movement I need to make a call to the clinic and they would advise me what to do. Although they will advise me to drink cold water or a fizzy drink and/or something sweet to get baby’s glucose level up and see if it’ll make the little one move! If that still doesn’t do anything then they would bring me in for a scan… I have faith it will never come to that!

28 Week Midwife Appointment

So Friday came and I went to see the midwife. And shockingly it was a Male midwife!!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues, (or maybe I do!) but there’s something just odd about that. In the end he was a really nice man! Answered all my questions, measured my belly (29cm, just right, thank God) and checked my blood pressure, that was great as well. So all is well with my little one and the male midwife did his job just right!