My Birth Story!! Warning Contains TMI

First of all! Here’s welcoming Baby AJ Omoniyi into the world! She made a gracious appearance on the 21st of December at 7.40pm weighing a good 8lb 5oz (3.77kg)!

It all started on my due date, 18th of dec when I had a bloody show (lost some mucus plug) – that was my first sign that labour was coming. But nothing happened except the normal period like cramps and a few contractions in between. (more…)


40 weeks today and oh yeah, it’s My Due Date

So the 18th has come… The much awaited due date! Not sure what I expected to feel really, but I can tell you now it’s pretty much like any other day! I’ve got the usual Braxton hicks and period cramps but nothing solid still.

However, on a positive note, I had a bloody show this evening! That’s the mucus plug from my cervix thingy! This means my baby girl is getting ready to make an appearance! Would have loved for her to show on her due date so I can say she’s a right-on-time kinda gal but that might not be (that said, say what say what, anything can happen, the night is still young!). (more…)

My Birth Plan

I really do hate waiting… And its quite ironic because I’m not even full term yet! Heaven help me if I get to 41+ weeks!

Anyway, I’ve finalized my birth plan and given this to hubby. I think it’s pretty straightforward and simple – I want things to be as naturally as possible (including my water birth of course), but if this is not happen I’m happy to get assistance from ‘science’… (more…)

Note to self – Me and Booboo’s Hospital Bags

So I’ve been doing a lot of reading on what to pack and what not to pack for my trip to the hospital for me and the little one. Its all a bit overwhelming as I hate load and there just seems like an awful lot of things to pack and I’m seriously wondering if I’m actually going to need all that!