Happy 2nd Birthday and Merry Christmas!!

I feel very very guilty I didn’t blog on the little Missy’s birthday last week! Been very busy with friends and family over, but just thought I’d drop a quick post!

We had another low keyed birthday for Anjie last week but of course we made a cake for her! It didn’t blow me away like the last cake but it was cute.


I’ll post some other pictures later on…

In the meantime, you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



What have we been up to – Easter, Spring and all

So, I’ve been feeling very guilty about not blogging recently… It’s just been so busy around here! First we had some lovely friends over from Nigeria – they were around for about 2 weeks. Then we’ve been having other friends around (or going to see friends) for most weekends in the past 2 months! We got to spend Easter in Scotland which was fun! Lovely countryside, just like North Wales. Anjie loved spending time with her Aunt & Uncle so much! Too bad we couldn’t stay longer though.

Off to the Movies and Weaning, again

So last weekend we went to the movies. The last movie we saw was the Avengers which was amazing, there were applauds in the cinema at the end, it was that good. So this time, with much anticipation and excitement we went to see Prometheus.

Sadly, I’ll have to give it a 5/10. Hubby and I were completely disappointed with the movie as it left so many questions unanswered and for a movie which is supposed to be a prequel to Aliens we didn’t see much of them! But hey, that’s just me! I’m not a movie critic so I’m not going to talk too much about it!

So where was Anjie in all this..?


How Are We Sleeping now? 18 weeks

So we’re back from our holiday and must say, it was great except for the horrible weather, wet wet wet all through the week! Quite annoying really! But all the same, managed to see a few old friends and did a bit of shopping too so that was fun! Anije was generally great all through the week and fell in love with her uncle all over again (who I might add was so kind to allow us our first official date night, something I would definitely love to do on a regular basis but oh well…)

So what were we up to last week? And how is our sleep regression?

12 week Baby Vaccination and a Barbecue in the Sun

So last week Friday Anjie got her second set of vaccination at the baby clinic. My darling daughter took it like a champ and cried for a few seconds and that was that! I felt so proud. She had one on each thigh. Now this is the immunisation for 12 weeks and apparently there’s another at 16 weeks which is three!!! OMG!! What are they trying to do! Anyway we will cross that bridge when we get there…

We also went for a barbecue on sunday where we saw a totally new side to Anjie…


Who is interested in Infant Massage Classes??

We Are!!!

So late last week we went for our very first Infant massage class – Anjie was 9 weeks…

I’m still at the stage where I have mixed feelings about going out with Anjie as I’m not quite sure what to expect with her! Most times she’s a darling, bless her, but she does have her moments. I know the more we go out the more confident and adept at handling her I’ll get both at home and ‘abroad’, so I just need to get us out out more!


Anjie goes to Church and Visiting

So Anjie turned 6 weeks last week and it’s a week to my folks leaving hence we decided to take Anjie to Church!

In my church, the first time a baby comes to church is quite special and called Baby Dedication. It’s about bringing the child to the house of the Lord and praying for her life and future. As the name of the ceremony implies, it’s about dedicating the child to the Lord who gave us the child in the first place so it’s about laying a good Christian foundation for the child (even though they aren’t quite ‘aware’ at the moment). Eventually she’ll start attending Sunday School and learning more and more about the bible from us and the Sunday school classes! (more…)

Well still waiting… 39 weeks

Well, it’s week 39 now and I’m still waiting…

You would think that since I’m on my maternity leave I would have more time to myself and this would translate to more time to blog and all! That’s a yes and no… I do have more time to myself but that’s just what I’ve been doing – spending more ‘me’ time and catching up on lots of rest and relaxation! After all, these are my last days of freedom! (more…)

Been a Busy Bee

I’ve been a pretty busy bee this last week! Just so much to do and no, we haven’t quite been been getting ready for the little one! But hopefully all that will now change with the new house and room for the little one!

We moved into our lovely new home last weekend! I’m so glad thats over and done with! The basic furnitures we ordered arrived on time including the lush corner leather sofa, the lush (I say this again) memory foam mattress, our brand new tv with the tv stand and one of the bed frames! Oh and Sky came over to fix the Sky Tv…