Ear Piercing

The Joys of a Big Girl’s Bed & Ear Piercing issues

First of all, it’s June already! Half way through 2014!! Thank God for a great year thus far…

Just when I thought we had transitioned to a big girl’s bed fairly easily without any sleepless nights! Boy, was I wrong!

A few nights ago we had a serious rough night! It was like we went back to when Anjie was a baby again and staying up through the night (I still have nightmares about that period of our lives, lol!). She kept waking up, walking to our room and refused to sleep on her bed. Hubby said she was absolutely NOT going to sleep in our room so we had a lot of to and fro that night! We’d lie with her for a bit then try to get off the bed without waking her up! It was not pleasant at all!


Anjie’s Ear Piercing and Moving Out! – 20 weeks

So this bank holiday weekend was pretty busy for us! We finally got Anjie’s ears pierced which I mentioned in a previous post, so I’m glad that is finally out of the way! Took us 19 weeks to get it done but loving the overall look.

Here’s her rocking the new look…



Piercing My Baby’s Ears in the Uk

Now before you read this, I must stress that this is my personal opinion and if you’re not keen on child ear piercing then there is no point reading this post :-). I am aware some people have quite strong opinions on piercing a baby’s ears but I too have strong opinions which is why I’ve decided to write about it too!