Getting ready to go back to Work!

So this week was a pretty busy week for Anjie, Abby and I. First of all Anjie and I went to work to talk about my resuming which is in August (OMG where has 9 months gone!). Was great seeing my colleagues and all the new faces in the company. A lot has happened in the industry so I’ll be spending the rest of the month catching up so I can hit the ground run when I get back to work, or at least that’s the plan…

Anjie didn’t cry but she wasn’t her usual smily self, she just woke up when I got to the office, darn! About an hour after I left work and went to the market there she was smiling at total strangers! The cheeky girl!!


Anjie goes to Church and Visiting

So Anjie turned 6 weeks last week and it’s a week to my folks leaving hence we decided to take Anjie to Church!

In my church, the first time a baby comes to church is quite special and called Baby Dedication. It’s about bringing the child to the house of the Lord and praying for her life and future. As the name of the ceremony implies, it’s about dedicating the child to the Lord who gave us the child in the first place so it’s about laying a good Christian foundation for the child (even though they aren’t quite ‘aware’ at the moment). Eventually she’ll start attending Sunday School and learning more and more about the bible from us and the Sunday school classes! (more…)