The Dangers of Sugary Cereal for Kids

My name is Tola and I’m guilty of buying sugary cereal for my daughter. I have seen the light and I promise to do better, starting from today…

Why am I going on about sugary cereal? Because Aj recently went to the dentist and it was an an eye opening experience and not in a good way…


Antibiotic Guardian Certificate

Antibiotic Guardian – Spread the word about Antibiotic resistance

A friend of mine recently brought the Antibiotic Awareness day to my attention and I seeing as I’m a mother I thought it would be great to share this on the blog as well.

I’ve never really been a fan of drugs and injections, thankfully I generally have good health so I don’t take drugs regularly. A lot of the time when I take drugs I actually wonder whether they really work or it’s all in my head… But that’s beside the point! The point is bacteria are becoming more and more resistance to antibiotics so we need to moderate our use of antibiotics to build up our immune system and fight the antibiotic resistance!

November 18th is European Antibiotic Awareness Day and we can all become Antibiotic Guardians to help increase the awareness and slow the resistance. Find out more by watching this video…


Protecting our children from abuse – The PANTS rule

I read this article earlier today and it brought a tear to my eye.

This is something that always plays at the back of my mind – is my daughter safe? Am I doing everything possible as parent to make sure she is well protected? Which is why when I read about the PANTS campaign I just had to blog about it! I know it is something a lot of parents do already (and I’m possibly late to the PANTS campaign rule!) but for people like me that think oh my daughter is too young, well she isn’t! The difference between 2 and 3 is 365 days! So there’s no such thing as being too early to start practicing these rules.

Talk Pants

Learn the Pants Rule