2nd Trimester

Pregnancy #2 – The Journey so far… 26 weeks!

This post has been a long time coming!

I knew I was going to blog about my second pregnancy and I thought I would start sooner but for some reasons it didn’t work out that way! That said, this is roughly about the same time I started blogging when I was pregnant with AJ (24 weeks) so it feels right to start now 🙂

20 weeks scan baby 2

This pregnancy has been quite different for me, primarily because I’ve got a toddler-going-on-small-madam so gone are the days when I can lazy around and just chill when I get home tired from work and all! That said, so far so good, this one has been decent. I thank God for good health and general well-being all round!


27 weeks – So far so good

Week 27 Yippeeee!!!

Funny enough nothing major has really happened this week. Can’t wait to get to the 28 week point so I can proudly say I’m in my third trimester! So got a week to get there!

My little one has definitely been getting more active though, I can tell you that! And there I was thinking she’s quiet like me, boy was I wrong! She’s more like her daddy!! And she’s also starting to recognise her dad’s voice as well! All he has to know is talk to her and she gets all excited and does somersaults! I kid you not! Quite annoying though considering she doesn’t do that for me! Hmmmmmm I’m already seeing a pattern here…

26 weeks and starting to feel the pressure!

So I turned 26 weeks on Sunday and it’s been one hectic day after the other! Heck it’s been soo bad that I’ve got twitching eye brows!!! After much research and analysis I’ve discovered this happens to me when I’m going through stress! Go figure…

My boss is away for a few weeks at work so it seems I suddenly have a lot more work on my hands! Thankfully he’ll be back next week so that should be sorting itself out very soon, thank God!

First Timer…


So I finally got my act together and decided to create a mummy blog… I’m a little late to the party, what with being 24 + 2 weeks already but hey, better late than never, right?

Sometimes I still find it hard to believe I’m pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, my first few months were NOT easy! I was weak and tired for the first 3 months, nauseous all the time and barely got out of bed most times! But thank God, those days are behind me now! I’ve also made a promise to myself to be optimistic about the coming months ahead, no matter what other moms say! So I’m believing in God for my third trimester to be just as good as my second has been!

So I’ll just stop here for now and continue this later…