Catch that Goat! – A counting tale from Nigeria Book review

Catch that Goat! – A counting tale from Nigeria Book review

Growing up my folks surrounded us with books, so it is no surprise that I love books till date. Hubby is pretty much the same as well, although now he spends less time reading novels but news & technology articles instead (boring stuff!). So, it’s only fair that we pass on our love of reading to AJ and so far so good, she loves it!


Aj has a wide range of books, from bible stories to nursery rhymes and fairy tales and she already has some favourites like ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Gingerbread man’ (a rather morbid story if you ask me). I suspect they are her favourites partly because they’re so popular and are read a lot in the nursery too!

Seeing as we live in the UK it’s only normal for Aj to associate more with British books and all, but I was nicely surprised when I stumbled on not just an African book for kids but a Nigerian one for that matter on the Super working Mum Facebook page! I was over the moon as this was something hubby and I had talked about recently – introducing her to African stories!

Anyway, I ordered the book, had it delivered and needless to say, I was not disappointed!

The book is called ‘Catch that Goat’ and is a story about a Yoruba girl called Ayoka who loses her goat. She has a nice little adventure searching for the goat in the marketplace and meets different people in the market selling different items and turns into a bit of a counting game too! It is a nicely done book with loads of captivating pictures which would attract toddlers and young kids plus it’s also got a little bit of Nigerian history at the end of the book which is a nice bonus.

I think this book  makes a great first of many Nigerian addition to our kiddies library because I believe it’s great for kids to know and read about their roots, especially if they aren’t that old enough to remember a visit or had the opportunity to visit yet. What better way to start out by reading fun stories about it! Next step? Get Aj to take it to her nursery during her next book day!

Overall, I have to say we’re all happy with the book and will definitely be looking out for more of such African books in the shops, so if you have any to recommend please let me know!

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, its available from Barefoot books or Amazon UK. I feel I also have to stress this is a personal review, which I just had to share because we’ve really enjoyed the book! 😉

And here’s my little bookworm ‘reading’ the book now…

AJ reading Catch that Goat book

AJ reading Catch that Goat book 2

AJ reading Catch that Goat book 3
Enjoy the rest of your week!


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