Budgeting After Having Kids

Life really does change after having kids, focuses shift and priorities change – that’s life, isn’t it?

When we had Aj, I finally understand what the ultimate childcare was about! That thing hit me hard! I honestly didn’t realise how much it would cost till we started making inquiries! Then we went for number 2! My husband thought I was crazy, after all, one child is enough, right? Nope!

With two kids I’m definitely learning more interesting ways to budget and save a few pennies here and there, even more so while I’m on maternity leave.

A few of the changes we’ve had to make are

  • Online food shopping – this is great on so many levels! I don’t have to go to the shops with a toddler AND baby, I get to work towards a budget and it also reduces the amount of temptation I have to resist! Win-win for everyone!
  • Reduce childcare cost – while on maternity it didn’t make much sense for Aj to still go to nursery full-time seeing as I would be at home. That said, I knew for my peace of mind it wouldn’t be best for her to be home all day with me as I won’t be able to give her the level of attention she needed because of Junior. We reduced her hours instead so we saved up some money there – temporary fix but handy around this time.
  • Vouchers and deals – yes, I’m always up for a good deal, including loyalty points. I’ve been able to save some money by looking for great deals and discounts – I don’t work for Moneysupemarket for nothing!

If I had more left over from my budget I would definitely travel more! I haven’t been home in years and I’m looking forward to taking the kids back to Nigeria on a proper holiday, they would be so excited about the whole trip – getting on a plane, meeting new/old family and friends, experiencing the culture and the sights! Heck, I’m excited about taking them home, especially when Junior is that little bit older so I don’t have to carry him about!

But till then, I’ll continue to ‘budget’ towards that!

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