Buddy Fruits – Nigerian Healthy Snack Review!

For those of you who loved the Yu Fruits review you’d definitely love this one! And what’s even more exciting is it’s available in Nigeria!

Buddy Nigerian Blended Fruits

When one of the owners contacted me about the product and asked if I’d be interested in doing a review I thought it’d be a good idea especially as it was a Nigerian product, I was curious… So she sent me some of the products to try and I was really happy with it! It’s just like the UK version of Ella’s Kitchen and Cow&Gates for babies but slightly cheaper (I think!).

Anjie downed the whole fruit pouch in quick gulps and asked for more immediately! So she definitely has given it her seal of approval!

It comes in about 5 different flavours but our favourite had to be the Apple and Cinnamon – primarily because I haven’t seen that flavour before so it was different, plus I love cinnamon! It also comes in a hand resealable pouch which a child can drink straight out of the pouch or it can be spoon-fed as it has a bit of a thick texture, sort of like a smoothie. It’s a great snack for kids and you could easily throw it in a bag and you’re good to go!
All Flavors

The other good news is it’s now available online at Buyam.com.ng at 5 for ₦1,500 which I think is a pretty decent deal (I’m an online shopping junkie so this is music to my ears, although I haven’t done much online shopping in Naija so not sure what the experience is like)!

If you’re thinking about introducing your kids to fruits in Nigeria and want an easy fruit pack to carry with you then I’d give this go! If you want to find out more about the product then you can visit their website at Nutritionalviands.co.uk or send an email to sales@nutritionalviands.com. Plus it looks like they’re looking for distributors so you can get in touch about that too!

Buddy banner  White

You all enjoy the rest of your week!


I was sent a pack of these to review on my website

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