Boosting Your Confidence in the Workplace – an ebook

An online friend of mine, Aloted Omoba, just published an ebook on how to boost one’s confidence in the workplace and is currently available for free download at their website Super working mum. I’ve found this very useful especially as I’ve been at home for the last 9 months and just back at work myself. So why did I find it useful?

I’ve been away from work for about 9 months having my daughter and initially was extremely worried about going back to work. But thankfully it hasn’t been as bad as I feared, partly due to having a husband who always pushes me to keep my brain active and keep in touch with my industry. You honestly don’t realise how much time that is, we’re talking close to a year here! There are some people who don’t stay more than a year at a job before moving on so it is a long time to be away from it all. It also helped to know that I had a job waiting for me and the end of the 9 months, might have been worse if I had to start looking for a job after that!

So I read the book quite easily in about 30mins (which is always a plus for me!) and there are a number of points in the ebook which I definitely will try out and hope to practice regularly to boost my confidence even more, after all, you can never be too confident in the workplace, right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy while it’s still free :). Hope you find it useful… 🙂

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