Blowing Raspberries and Weaning so far

So this past week saw the ‘end’ of the lovely summery weather we had been having; I have to say it was really sad to see it go! It doesn’t help that this weekend is the Jubilee weekend with a double bank holiday on Monday and Tuesday (doesn’t make much of a difference to me though!)! Would have been nice to go to the park as a family and just spend sometime outdoor. Oh well maybe the sun might still come out a bit…

Anjie has learnt how to blow raspberries or spit bubbles! I think it is very cute to see her do it; Heck, the other day we were communicating with it! She’ll blow some, then I would, and she would reply, back and forth, was so funny and cute! I did wonder why she does it and seems its sometimes associated with teething. I didn’t see any exact proof of this association so I’m not really holding my breath! That said, we have been waiting for this tooth for a while now, due to all the drooling and biting Anjie has been doing. So who knows, it might just come along sooner than we know it…

Weaning has been… Interesting, to use a better word. I must say it is a little frustrating at times when you go all the way to make a purée and turns out she doesn’t like it! Example being home-made carrots and apple purée (separately of course). She makes such a horrible face when she tries it and spits everything out! To be fair, I tried it myself and I wasn’t really a fan either :). For now the only things I can depend on is breakfast cereal like banana and fruity porridge. I’ve still got some carrot and apple purée in the freezer so I’m going to give it a week or so and try again. She however did seem to like banana purée. Not sure what to try next though, thinking of trying a a few other bottles then back to home made purée again. I know a lot of it has to do with persistence so we shall persevere!

From a sleeping point of view, weaning initially made it worse, I kid you not. Madam would wake up 3-4 times in the night and feed at least twice before going back to bed! When I spoke to the midwife about this she asked how often I gave her solids and I said once. She said I should try giving her twice a day, morning and evening, that way the solid is still in her tummy so to speak when she goes to bed, that way she might not wake up looking for it! I personally thought that was weird but hey, it actually seemed to work! Once I increased the solids we woke up just twice and sometimes even once for a feed at night! So who knows, when I make solids three times a day might just eliminate the night feeds altogether ;). But no rush yet…

Since we started weaning the milk intake has definitely reduced during the day, I’ll say we’re only feeding like 4 times now although she snacks sometimes which might explain it. Just need to work on the night feeds now and hope for the best really!

When did your little ones start sleeping through the nights? And are there any other tips for weaning? I promised myself I would stress about weaning so I refuse to buy a weaning book! I know she will get it in the end and besides, she’s not even 6 months yet so no need to panic, yet…

Enjoy your weekend and bank holiday!

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