Biting – Let the ‘Training’ begin

Now there’s this bad habit Anjie has picked up, among others of course, but this one just takes the cake – Biting! Now if she did this to just us, it wouldn’t be okay, but we could live with it, but noooo, she has to do it to the other kids in her nursery too! Now that is just plan wrong…

To be fair, she’s been bitten once in her nursery too, and it left a tiny scratch so I guess in her mind it’s like bite or be bitten! Still it doesn’t make it right though. It’s got so bad that we (well, thank God I wasn’t there that day!) Abby got called to the ‘principal’s office’ and they had a little chat about the incident! Abby said he was sober all through the ‘chat’! Of all days when he went to pick Anjie up too! Most days I pick her up, so how ironic is that 🙂

Anjie’s biting technic is also very special, she does it like she’s going in for a kiss/cuddle and then it turns into a bite! Quite clever, I must say :). I’m hoping it’s because she’s teething or something but now she has most of her teeth so I’m not so sure…

Based on this, we’ve had to introduce the naughty corner… That way, we’re consistent with what the nursery is doing too.

We’ve only done it a couple of times but I still haven’t quite got the hang of it – she cries all through so it almost makes me wonder if she understands why we’re doing this but then I remember this girl KNOWS what she’s doing! I only have to remember this…


That’s my daughter at 18 months climbing into the kitchen drawer so she could help herself with some biscuits… I kid you not.

So we’ll continue to watch the ‘issue’ and hopefully we won’t have to use it too much… But that said, Anjie really is a tomboy so unless she chills out a bit, I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot more punishing in the near future…

Thankfully, as I type this, there hasn’t been any more incidents in school, so I praying to God that truly the worst is over!

Ideally, what age do you think is best to start disciplining a child/toddler because I’m still not quite sure about this one…

And lastly, been meaning to share this picture here, before I lose it or something! That’s me when I was Anjie’s age… How long ago was that… 🙂


Have a lovely week!

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7 comments on “Biting – Let the ‘Training’ begin

  1. HAHAHA… That picture of Anjie in the kitchen drawer cracked me up. Your daughter is so smart. I have always wondered too about the best age to start disciplining children. Biting is such a no-no so i am glad you are trying to correct her now before it gets put of hand.

    • Lol, honestly, she’s something else! It’s a tough one disciplining a child, but we’ll try all possible options and find the one which works best for all of us! Thanks x

  2. Aww gosh you guys look alike! Anjola is a mini me of you!
    Lol. Re the biting I think it is a phase but keep with the program she will soon stop.
    Well done mama!

  3. Anjie is definitely your mini-me! That picture of her caught red handed stealing a cookie is hilarious! As far as the biting goes, Abby went through a very bad biting phase but we introduced the time out chair. If she bit one of us we would sharply say “no biting” and then sit her in the timeout chair for 1 minutes. She cried the entire time, then we would pick her up and hug her and say “next time, no biting” I wasn’t sure if she understood that the punishment was a result of her biting but she stopped biting after doing that time out routine about a dozen times so i think it worked!

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