Been a Busy Bee

I’ve been a pretty busy bee this last week! Just so much to do and no, we haven’t quite been been getting ready for the little one! But hopefully all that will now change with the new house and room for the little one!

We moved into our lovely new home last weekend! I’m so glad thats over and done with! The basic furnitures we ordered arrived on time including the lush corner leather sofa, the lush (I say this again) memory foam mattress, our brand new tv with the tv stand and one of the bed frames! Oh and Sky came over to fix the Sky Tv…

It was a weekend for assembling as Babes, bless him, assembled the bed and tv stand. I helped out with the bed though, it was getting late and I wanted to sleep! I hate assembling stuff.

The memory foam mattress is truly amazing! Now we struggle to get out of bed! Not quite sure how I feel about that! Means I have to be in bed on time so I don’t feel so sleepy when I wake up I guess! It’s soft but still firm (due to the pocket spring underneath) and conforms to the body too! All in all, couldn’t ask for a better mattress!

Since the kitchen is quite big and long, we decided to get some simple wooden chairs and table there and we’re temporarily using them in the living room until the main dining chair arrives later this month so at least we have a dinning table in the living room for now.

In the end I had to call in sick on Monday and Tuesday cos I think I might have over done it with the house move, had a bit of a backache so was in bed a lot…

But all in all, it’s been a great week and I’m just glad another weekend is here!

On a side note, three new babies have arrived this week! So Big Congrats to Meg, Pratt and Nike! And yes, this time it’s the ladies I know know, not the men!

So whose next I wonder…. Still got 9 + 1 weeks left so I’m sure there’ll be others in between.

Have a great weekend!

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