Back to Reality – Work

So my 9 months maternity leave has come to an end…

So I go back to work…

So I leave Anjie with her grandma…

I will be strong! I will officially become a working mum!

I’m hoping I’ll still have time to blog regularly! Fortunately I get Wednesday and Friday off for the first month then Friday the following month then full time by October. I expect to be fully up to speed by then.

Overall, Anjie’s growing!! We got her first shoe fitting at Clarks and she’s a size 3.5G… She has started responding to her name although she ignores you after calling her! She a pro crawler and cruising too… Weaning is better slightly – she eats a little of finger foods (fruits mainly) but still loves her fruit purée and yogurt. Trying to do finger foods in the evening just before she takes a bath as we all know how baby led weaning goes… She’s also trying to feed herself with her bottle, so cute! She’s little Miss Independent already!

Madam has also picked the perfect time to get her top teeth – she has been waking up every two hours at night, fighting sleep at night, done green poos and a projectile vomit (first time in history!!)… All I can say, this past week hasn’t been fun… I’m praying she takes pity on her mum and realises I’m back at work so mummy needs more sleep!

Lastly, I just have to share another picture of my favourite nephew! His4 months old today.. God will continue to bless you and keep you Jay-jay! Aunty loves you xx


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