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Oh my goodness! Where has the year gone! In a few weeks it’ll be Christmas but before that, my beautiful daughter’s birthday! Can’t believe Aj will be FOUR next week!! Noooo! I’m not ready yet! It crazy how this year went by, having a baby really does that to you!

So what has been going on in our lives?

For one thing I’ve finished my diploma which I started when I went on maternity. It was TOUGH! I kept asking myself who sent me message? Now that I’m done and I can look back I’m glad I did it! It was hard finding the time to study without compromising on family time and life in general. Especially when I resumed work, albeit three days a week, it was crazy! A big shout-out to the schooling mums and dads out there! I have another kind of respect for you guys!

Junior will be 10 months tomorrow! He is slowly but surely coming into his own now! Back then we always said he was a quiet and chilled out gentleman but that is changing! In the last few weeks he’s become more chatty, laughs and smiles so much more and it just lights up his face! He’s still pretty friendly and will let anyone carry him but once he’s had enough you will know!

We’ve also been growing through separation anxiety when I drop him off in nursery but he always eventually settles in and has a good day. Whenever I go to pick him up and always looks at me like ‘where have you been woman’! It’s so funny!

Sleeping is still a nightmare but I’ve accepted that won’t change until I stop breastfeeding and the cut-off point for that is around 12 months like I did with his sister. I do fear that it’s going to be harder to stop this time because he’s a boobs boy and he didn’t get that from me! He still wakes up every 2 hours or so until about 2am where he usually sleeps till 6-7am. Which when I think about it isn’t too bad, I suspect he sleeps better around that time because we start co-sleeping from around 11-12am when I’m sleeping.

Junior still generally loves his food and will try anything, whether he likes it is debatable! He definitely prefers his solids and proper food like rice and eba especially as he’s got 4 teeth to eat with! I do feel he doesn’t eat as much of it as I would like so most times I still end up topping it up with cereal and he still wakes up after that. I also suspect it’s because he doesn’t take much milk during the day even though I try so he makes up for it at night.

Aj and Junior

Aj and Junior still have a ‘special’ kind of relationship which entails Aj trying to do acrobatics with her brother, him smiling and laughing about it while we adults panic and try to separate them! It’s getting slightly better now that Junior is getting older and stronger but it’s still hard to watch! Sometimes, he even starts it by trying to climb over his sister or grab her food!

You all have a lovely weekend and I’ll tell you all about Aj’s party next week!



7 comments on “Back to blogging – What we’ve been up to!

  1. Welcome back! Congrats on your diploma! I know what it’s like to balance study and family…and you are also working. You are super mama!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Very well done indeed. I cannot believe Junior is 10 months already wowwwww!! Time really waits for no man. Happy Birthday to AJ as well!!! Always nice to read updates from your family. Lots of love and light! 🎉❤️



    • Didn’t finish my last comment :-).

      The kids are so cute! Can’t believe AJ is turning 4. How??? That’s great though.

      I love co-sleeping. Only, now we have a 3 year old who has REFUSED to leave out bed! Her younger sister never wanted to sleep in our bed. She sleeps better on her own. Just goes to show you how kids can differ.

      Have an awesome Christmas with your family!

      • I know right! These kids can be so different at times! At the rate at which we’re going though these two will be in our bed for a while if they have their way! Thanks for that! X

  2. I have a 7month old and 2 year old and thats the exact same thing that happens…my older one trying to jump on him, hes just smiling and chuckling while we are shouting toju stop it, stop it! lol guess its play time in their world…love your blog

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