Baby/Family Photoshoot at 16 weeks

When I had my maternity photoshoot I signed up for two sessions, a before and after session if you like. We were supposed to have those really early baby shoots where the baby is asleep and placed in all kind of crazy cute sleeping positions but what with family, colic and baby rash it got pushed to the back seat. 4 months later we finally got around to baby shoot and the pictures are well worth it!

It’s really going to be hard to decide which will be enlarged in the near future! But here are some of my favourites from the day!









This session wasn’t much different from the last one, Aj was her usual bubbly self and tried to pull Jr to herself on the floor several times! My heart stopped a few times! And the young man just smiled! Aj is definitely going to make him a very strong and sturdy young man if she keeps this up!

You all enjoy the rest of your week!


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