Babies this week!

This week, tuesday to be exact, two people I know gave birth! (or rather their wives did…:)). Congrats to both families! The first who is a colleague of mine at work was yesterday afternoon but we were informed today and the other was in the wee hours today! His a friend of mine in Leeds as well.

Aside from finding this out today the other thing they had in common is they’re both boys! Actually just thought of that, what I really wanted to say is they both came late!! One 9 days late (OMG!!!) and the other 2 days late (hmm mm…). I’ll be honest, that did get me a tad bit worried! Another friend of mine who gave birth a few months ago was just over a week overdue as well! I mean c’mon! Babies what’s going in there? We know you’re all cosy but please!! Don’t make us beg to meet you!! We’ve been hanging on for over 9 months already!! I know some people would say you’ve done 9 months already what difference would an extra week or so make? A LOT!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty darn impatient and hate waiting for things! So I’ve been praying to God (a lot) for mine to come any time after 38 weeks :-)! I don’t think I’m asking too much, am I? Plus I asked my mum and she said we all came either a few days early or on time! So that’s what I expect from this little one!

At the end of it all the most important thing is they come out healthy and strong. Sometimes I guess they need those extra days to ‘prepare’ themselves for the big bad world, which is fair enough…

But please baby, don’t make your mama beg… Please

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