April 13 – My birthday, My testimony

A friend of mine on Facebook recently posted a testimony on his page which brought a tear to my eye – tears of joy of course! I’ve known this guy from my university days in Akungba and his a great guy, he was very helpful back then in Uni and coached a couple of us when we were struggling with Calculus – I’ll never forget him for that because he saved us! We could have failed that exam if it wasn’t for him! Fast-forward to after uni days and it turns out he married someone from our school too (our school back then was tiny, so most people knew of each other!) and God has blessed them with two beautiful kids!

On his birthday, he said he just had to share this testimony with everyone and asked me to share too… I hope it touches someone out there and gives you the strength you think you don’t have!

This past one year has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. So many trials, tribulations, issues but one thing I saw in all of these ~ God remained faithful. Yea I broke down at some point, Yea i cried (even though I smile, laugh and encourage others consistently), Yea I thought I was losing my sanity at some points in time, Yea I was even frustrated at some point, Yea I even cooked up quarrels a times with my wife, Yea I also thought of running away from my family….but in all God saw me through, He showed me another dimension of His person. I thought I was patient, but I went through another school of patience. I thought I was long-suffering, I learnt it again. I thought I was a sacrificial giver, I was schooled again. I thought I loved, I went through another session of thorough love. I thought I knew all about God, but trust me there were depths of His person I saw over and over again (and still seeing).

NOW This is my testimony ยป God blessed me with the most wonderful companion I could ever dream of; when I took it out on her she kept her nerves, she supported me all through, kept telling me “baby I know what you are capable of, you are not a failure”. Even when I gave up on myself (after several unsuccessful business ventures and job applications that I got close to securing but never came to be), she never for once gave up on me. When I couldn’t cater financially for my home (Yea! You heard me right, I’m not ashamed to say so – utility bills, feeding, fuel, clothing, school fees etc.stared me in the face), she helped me all through (despite intense pressures at work) and not a word to outsiders, she never took my place as the father and husband of the house (and on a lighter note I was never denied “the usual”), I still remained the financial controller and accountant of the house (the internet banking logons & bank debit cards remained in my custody), no expenses took place without my consent (you’ll always hear her say “let me discuss with my husband and get his approval”), she gave me all the respect I could ever imagine, she never made me feel out-of-place.

Today – I CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY but the brain behind my joy and happiness is GOD and MY DARLING WIFE…I celebrate her big time today. I will always love you.

To any couple going through any kind of challenge, stay with God, stay together, keep agreeing together, it could be tough but know one thing for sure – God’ll always come through for you.

To intending couples, please see beyond the luxuries and glamour cum “effizies”. Life/Challenges will hit you especially if you are a christian, will you stay or chicken out of marriage? Please marry your “own” wife/husband.

Written by JiggoInspires

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