Anjie’s first sleep over

Yes yes, I know right! my little girl is already having sleep overs! I could cry right now… 🙂

It wasn’t anything major though. We had to attend Abby’s company Christmas party down south near Birmingham and it was going to be an overnight do. Seeing as Grandma had gone we had to think, should hubby go without me or could we drop Anjie off with someone..?

Then it hit us, of course! She could stay with her dear cousin JJ! After all, they got on like a house on fire when they met. Spoke to my sis and it was A-okay!

We made the trip to MK to drop her off on Friday and decided to sleep over since the party was for Saturday, that way we would know for sure she was settled. As it was her first sleep over I was a little be nervous about how she would take it. She’s been without me or her dad but never without both of us, so I figured this was going to be interesting.

As expected, and like Abby told me, Anjie was just fine without us! When we got back she gave us a look like ‘where have you been’ but that was it really! Although that said, she did stress her aunt a little bit, the cheeky girl! She didn’t sleep much in her cot so she joined her in the big bed. Woke up a couple of times looking for milk and at one time wanted to play (can you imagine that! we’re talking like 4am here!) JJ was ok-ish with this because he was with his dad at night! I just hope next time the little missy has a sleep over she’ll be sleeping through!

Thanks once again to Uncle Femi and Aunt Bimbo for having Anjie over! Really appreciate it I’m sure she’s itching to play with her cousin very soon!

Speaking of sleeping through, it once again feels like we’ve taken one step forward and two steps back! Last night Anjie work up every 2 hours like clock work and refused to sleep unless she had some milk! Whatever am I going to do with you, young lady! She has a bit of a cold though, bless her so I’m hoping that’s the main culprit and once that goes she’ll be fine again and wake up less (or none, that would be lovely).

Here’s me with the lovely cousins… missed it the last time!

Anjie, JJ and I

Oh and that’s us all dressed up for hubby’s Christmas dinner do, rocking my yummy mummy clutch bag

Hubby and I - christmas do

You all have a great week and weekend and I’m off for MY Christmas dinner party tonight! Partyyyyyyy


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