Anjie’s first Birthday Party

Last weekend was a pretty busy weekend for us. Anjie had her first birthday party, the celebrant was a year old so is a ‘friend’ of hers and we went down to Newcastle for a baby dedication (babies babies everywhere!). So it was pretty fun! After the whole busy weekend it got me thinking what I wanted to do for Anjie’s first birthday…

Personally, I’m not really a birthday celebrating kind of girl. I’ve only ever done a birthday party twice – once when I was about 10 (my family organised it) and when I was 25 (simple dinner party). I kinda shy away from all that spotlight if you know what I mean. Now that said, hubby is more of a party person and really thinks we should do something – him and the rest of the family of course… So to sum it up, yes, we’ll most likely be doing something for Anjie’s 1st birthday. Nothing over the top, but something nice…

In the past I always wondered why someone would want to do a birthday party for a 1-year-old child, but after having a child I now know the answer to that question! The party isn’t for the child, nooo absolutely not! It is for the parents! Yes, there might be a couple of kids running around but the party is actually to celebrate surviving the first year of parenthood! The ups and downs, the worries, the joys, milestones, you name it. Just about being thankful really! Because it ain’t easy!!

Now that is out of the way, I need to start planning the party!! Especially as Anjie’s birthday is just 4 days before Christmas I’ll have to book all things bookable now to avoid disappoints. For starters, I already know who’s doing the cake! After the lovely cake I got made for Abby’s birthday I’ll definitely be using Sarah from Cupcake Crumbs again. Aside from that, I haven’t done anything else but I will gradually…

That aside, I have to say weightloss is a lot harder than I thought! I’m still breastfeeding at least 2-3 times a day so that might prevent the weight from moving much! I’ve been doing Zumba once a week (most times) and 30-45 mins gym classes during lunch 3-4 times a week. On a plus, I have been told I’m losing weight in terms of inches but the scales just ain’t budging! I definitely do feel fitter though so I’m not complaining; I’m hopeful the scale will eventually MOVE!

In the meantime, here’s the little madam enjoying her new Britax Evolva 1-2-3 Plus car seat. We’re now in the forward facing seat! So she can see the world to her heart’s content now :), this means we have a happy baby when going on trips – at least most times…


Everyone have a good week! x

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4 comments on “Anjie’s first Birthday Party

  1. Indeed it’s a milestone to celebrate, but I can’t say much yet until ‘my time’ comes. The weight has both of us working on that, how far it will bulge too, I can’t tell yet. Nice one. At least I have you as mini mentor…lol

  2. Awww the woes of weight loss after baby. Some are lucky to have the weight fall off from breast feeding. Me I am like you, I am sure the breast feeding is just preventing me from adding excess weight. Anyway looking forward to see what you have planned for your little angels first birthday. I have become quite obsessed with first birthday party ideas!

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