Anjie’s Ear Piercing and Moving Out! – 20 weeks

So this bank holiday weekend was pretty busy for us! We finally got Anjie’s ears pierced which I mentioned in a previous post, so I’m glad that is finally out of the way! Took us 19 weeks to get it done but loving the overall look.

Here’s her rocking the new look…


When we got to Claire’s there wasn’t much of a queue which was great! So they explained the procedure and got us to sign some documents (yes, I took Abby with me for backup!). Once we’d done that they put the marks on her ears and by this time Anjie knew something was up! She was tracking them with her eyes and almost made it difficult to get a good spot on her ear lobes! We had to go for the smallest ear-ring since baby’s ear lobes are so tiny! I’m a lover of white gold so went for that as well! Two ladies did the piercing simultaneously on both ears and it was so fast! Daddy held her and she was looking at me, stunned! She screamed for a few seconds and that was it, bless her! My baby girl is a strong girl! :-). Same way she handled her first cold which is as good as gone now, thank God!

All this happened on Saturday and then Monday was moving out day! We know too many family friends with toddlers still sleeping in the same room with the parents so we always said we would move Anjie to her room soon as we were all comfortable with it! So that day came yesterday!

Thanks to our baby monitor it was a lot easier than expected for all parties involved! Sure she woke up twice for a feed (Noooooooooooo) and another few times for the dummy AND refused to go back to sleep after 6am when she joined me in bed; but overall Hubby and I both have our room back and don’t have to whisper for fear of waking up madam any more! I think of it as all part of her gaining her independence! :-). Next milestone, weaning…

So what was everyone up to on the bank holiday and how do you feel about baby’s having their own rooms? When did yours move? Any other tips we should know about?

Thanks and have a great week!

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9 comments on “Anjie’s Ear Piercing and Moving Out! – 20 weeks

  1. My kids moved out when they were much older. On and off when the 1st was about 2yrs and permanently when she was about 3yrs and her sister about a year old. For me, I ddnt mind them moving out even earlier but their father ddnt feel comfortable with the idea at all.

  2. Hi Tola, thanks for sharing your cute baby’s ear piercing experience. I I am 5 weeks away from having my daughter’s own pierced and the nigerian moms around here are keep resounding how painful it will be for her.

    We took a quick trip home and her common call name was “bom boy”.

    • Thanks for stopping by Remi! I know exactly what you mean! Everyone was assuming she was a boy when they saw her pictures back home too. So I was pretty glad when we did it!
      Goodluck with the piercing and hope she’s an angel when it gets done (at least close to one :))

    • Delighted to see that you were able to pierce Anjie’s ears eventually even though you had to wait till she was 20 weeks to have it done. Both my girls I had done at three months so a little younger. They look lovely and I am sure it is best for baby girls to have it done as young as possible. I know some places that pierce ears younger than the four months that Claire’s accessories do it. Do you live in London ? If you say where you live, I can post details of places near you that will pierce baby’s ears below four months which other readers may in interested in. Hope this helps.

      • Hi Diana, thanks for the comment! Yes, a friend of mine in London did say I could get it done earlier in London! But since I live in North Wales seems a bit silly going to London for piercing! Do you know places up north that do it too?

  3. Tracy Perkins at Pierce Artist in Salford – 198 – 200, Chapel Street, Salford, very close to Salford Central Railway Station. . Tel: 0161 839 7722 will pierce baby ears from ten days old and are very experienced in piercing baby ears as well as all other types of body piercing. This is probably the nearest salon to North Wales that will pierce the ears of very tiny babies. Why not give Tracy a ring on this number or look at the pierce artist website for further information ?

  4. Bad news I am afraid about Pierce Artist in Salford. Tracy Perkins has now left and the new piercers will not pierce baby ears until they are two months old.Tracy used to do it from ten days. I do know a number of places across England that will pierce baby ears from two weeks old so let me know if you want their details !

  5. Hi ladies, this is the web page which I was looking for. I’m looking for a place somewhere in Essex/Suffolk where they could pierce my daughter’s ears. She is 15 weeks old now. Diana, do you know about any place in this area? I’m originally czech and I’m planning to go and see my family in September but really don’t want to wait till then to do it as she will be 8 months old.

    Thank you K.

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