Anjie is Weaning and Swimming at 5 months!

Although we had a relatively quite week the weekend was busy! We decided to introduce Anjie to some baby food! Namely baby rice and banana porridge… The initial plan was to wait till she was 6 months but she’s been giving all the signs of being ready, including great head control, sitting up on her own, watching us while eating and sometimes even taking food from our plate and putting it in her mouth! So with that decide to hit the 22 week mark and start! I figured I’ll start with baby cereal once a day then gradually increase it to three times a day and bring in puree by 6 months. For now i give her the cereal after her breastmilk, that way she isn’t too hungry and cranky.

My baby’s growing up!!

So we started with the banana porridge on Saturday which didn’t go down so great, half of it came out of her mouth and the other half was ON her mouth or bib! My goodness now I truly understand why they say babies can be messy! But it was so funny watching her facial expressions! Like she was thinking – ‘What is this? This is not milk, hmmmmm….’. Then Sunday morning we tried baby rice which went down a lot better! Plus I was less ambitious with the portions! This time I went for just a spoon of rice! This is what she looked like when we were done…


On Saturday my baby went swimming!! Yippeeeee!!! I got a bodysuit swimming costume so she won’t get too cold in the water and out of it, but turns out the water temperature was pretty decent! But still love the suit! Looked like a surfer baby! She absolutely loved it! Was all smiles and stares, she even kicked her legs and waved her arms underwater a few times! Maybe all that aqua-fitness paid off actually…

We dunked her a couple of times and she was not fazed at all! It’s amazing how babies have the ability to automatically hold their breathe when going under! Reminds me of the water birth I was denied! We had a great time but sadly couldn’t take any picture while in the pool, but in the changing room…


Hopefully we’ll be doing more swimming as she grows up because I want my daughter to be a fish in water!

Lastly, my baby wants to move but doesn’t know how!! She’s started lifting her body off the ground but not quite sure what to do after that, bless her! Sometimes she gets into a crawling position then starts rocking! Heck, she’s also ‘shuffling’ backwards, for want of a better term! Don’t know how else to describe it! So any day now… And this is from someone who still hasn’t rolled over! Guess she might decide to skip that achievement! Need to start child proofing the house now! Here’s her trying to do her thing.


When did you start weaning? What other tips are there for weaning? How did you go about it? And when did your babies start crawling? Exciting times for us!

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