Anjie is 3 Months and Counting! Thank you Lord!

So Anjie turned 3 months today! Yippeeee! Ironically she’s been a tad bit cranky and clingy today, but thankfully, she’s asleep now… I took this picture earlier in the week and really love it so figured I’ll post it here! Oh and that’s pebbles, one of her first cuddly friends 🙂

Anjie at 3 months

So what have we been up to this week?

This past week has been pretty good. Anjie is doing a lot of mini push ups due to her very regular tummy time! It’s so cute to see her do it too! This is all in preparation for her rolling over and crawling. I understand some babies start rolling over this month, so that means I need to be very careful where I place her from now on!


We’ve also found our thumb! Booooooooo!!!! One would think I’m not giving her a dummy or I’m starving her but that’s far from it! And she knows what she’s doing too! The other day we played a game of in and out where she would put her thumb in her mouth and I would replace it with the dummy which she would suck for a few seconds, smile, spit it out and put her thumb back in her mouth! How cheeky of her!


The Midwife was also round this week to weigh her and she’s just about doubled her birth weight at 6.38kg! Was told she’s putting on weight nicely and following the weight chat curves nicely! So well done to breastfeeding (most times at least!).

We also talked about weaning introducing solids into her diet! What?!!! I’m just starting to get the hang of breastfeeding and already we’re talking purée and semi solids??? Thankfully she said the ideal time to start is 5-6 months so still got at least two months before I start worrying about that! Wondering how I’ll fit that into going back to work but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there…

We’ve also been carrying off highly unintelligent conversations between ourselves! And I must say, she is quite the chatterbox! She coos and makes all kinds of sounds including screams! We’re still waiting for her to laugh or giggle at least, although Hubby says she’s done a giggle for him recently! You would think since she’s with me throughout the day she would do it with me but nooooooo, she stays true to being a daddy’s girl! Oh well, I’ll keep waiting to hear it…

Oh and she’s started ‘playing’ with the dangling toys on her play mat! She’ll finger it then grab it lightly, but she hasn’t started pulling it yet, I’m expecting that any day now! She’s also touching and lightly grabbing my cheeks and glasses! I need to make sure my hair is out of the way so she doesn’t grab that!

So what else is new? A few more friends had babies this past week or so, both girls as well! So girls are winning right now yeahhhh!!! Guys, you need to work harder!!

And on that note, I’ll take a break now.

But really, what else can I expect from a 3 month old baby??

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