Anjie in Her Victoria Lady Baby Sling

So remember I said I was going to get a Victoria Sling Lady baby sling? Well it came in the post and I have to say Anjie and I are absolutely loving it!

The Victoria Sling Lady Sling (VSLS from now on!) is pretty simple and cheap! Infact it is so simple you wonder why I didn’t think of that! (to be fair back home in Nigeria we carry our babies on our back with a large piece of cloth, I just don’t have the guts or know-how to do it!). I got if off EBay for £15 and it’s well worth it especially when my mum leaves this weekend…

With the VSLS, I have free use of my hands and Anjie is tucked in warm and cosy just like when she was in the womb! So guess you can say its a win-win situation for both of us! I did worry that I won’t be able to tie it correctly but it’s pretty easy once you do it a couple of times! Plus there are Youtube clips which also show you how, pretty handy. I won’t say I’m a pro yet, but we’re getting there! Now if only I could learn how to breastfeed with it…

Now, I bought the sling for indoor use only, cos of the simplicity of the sling so don’t think I’ll be going out much with it, except maybe in the summer, but let’s see how things go! Babes has already said his going to get something more ‘practical’ as he doesn’t have the patience to be tying it and it’s girly! I understand… Lol!

For those of you curious about the sling, here’s a picture of Anjie n I in it… She was already taking a nap in it! Today she slept for close to 3 hours in it! Now this does not happen much I tell you!

Anjie in her Victoria Lady Sling

Have a great weekend! Mine is going to be spent weeping as my folks pack their bags and get on a jet plane back to Nigeria

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4 comments on “Anjie in Her Victoria Lady Baby Sling

  1. Eya…sorry hun!Quadruple my salary and I’ll come help you…! Btw love the VLVS picture…looks trendier than the typical yoruba thing.But don’t let Anjie get used to sleeping like this, it could become difficult getting her to sleep for long without body contact.

    • Better still why don’t I come to Naija then you can do it for free abi?? Lol!
      My mum has already ‘helped’ with feeling the warmth when sleeping, lol! But yeah this should be for short afternoon nap, at least that was the plan…

  2. Awwwwww. She looks so cute in her VLBS- sounds very posh! 😀 . I’m sure you’ll get used to this pretty soon plus she looks so peaceful in it! Don’t be weepy or sad yummy mummy! They’ll be back for their baby pretty soon! Kisses to lady Anjie 🙂

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  1. […] 10am-11am – We wake up and have another feed. Technically this is when we start the day, so if we’re going out we get ready and go. If not we just go downstairs and lazy around. Anjie gets to have a kick about in her playmat which she absolutely loves while I get to have breakfast and try to do some cleaning around the house, sometimes she lets me and sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she takes a short 20-40mins nap, sometimes! These days afternoon naps are coming few and far between, except I put her in her baby sling. […]

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