Anjie goes to Church and Visiting

So Anjie turned 6 weeks last week and it’s a week to my folks leaving hence we decided to take Anjie to Church!

In my church, the first time a baby comes to church is quite special and called Baby Dedication. It’s about bringing the child to the house of the Lord and praying for her life and future. As the name of the ceremony implies, it’s about dedicating the child to the Lord who gave us the child in the first place so it’s about laying a good Christian foundation for the child (even though they aren’t quite ‘aware’ at the moment). Eventually she’ll start attending Sunday School and learning more and more about the bible from us and the Sunday school classes!

I was a bit worried about taking Anjie to Church cos our church is quite colourful and can be noisy sometimes with all the loud music and all but we wanted to do it while my folks were still in town. Thankfully Anjie didn’t shame me! Lol… She was a peaceful girl bless her! I fed her just before we left for church and mixed a bottle for her to take to church (still not keen on breastfeeding in public unless it is absolutely necessary!). She didn’t sleep much on the 20min drive and when we got there she continued to stare and look around. (Right now she’s really attracted to colours! We have this colourful picture of babes & I which she stares at for hours on end!). After a while she did start to get fussy and I figured might as well feed her again which she took happily and resumed staring and playing with herself. She even left other people in church carry her too! After the dedication and prayers she finally slept till the end of the service. I was so proud of her!

After the service we went back home and changed then went for a late lunch at a family friend’s place. Once again Anjie was a darling and let us eat while someone else fed her then Mummy rocked her to sleep and that was that! She slept till we got home again! Talk about a peaceful baby!! I pray she stays this way, especially as my folks are leaving this weekend…

It’s going to be very interesting when they leave. Normally mummy is with Anjie from 11pm when we go to bed till about 6-7am. I express milk for a night feed around 2-3am which mummy feeds her and this carries her till about 5-7am when she wakes up again then I feed her. This means I get a good stretch of uninterrupted sleep which I’m seriously going to miss! I know, thank God for mothers!

I’ve started reading Gina Ford’s Content Little Baby as a friend recommended it to me, she said her 2 month old baby sleeps through the night because of the routine in the book. Once I heard that I rushed to get the book! That is exactly what I need in my life right now! However, I can’t really put it into practise until my folks go though so that’s one thing to look forward to (with mixed feelings!). So I’ll be writing a review of how it goes soon enough! Wish me luck!

Have a great week!

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    • It’s definitely an interesting read especially for we first time mums who want to get things right so I’ll recommend it. However I do wonder if I can follow everything she says! I guess in the end I’ll just have to tweak it a little to make it work for me…

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