Anjie gets her Immunisation and 6-8 week Check

So my folks left at the beginning of the week. I can’t say it has been a walk in the park… We’ve had some good days and not so good days (or rather nights!) with the little madam! But like my mum says ‘everyday is plus one’. She won’t always be like this, – not sleeping through the night, or eating every 2-3 hours – infact there will come a time when she will be almost too independent! So take it easy!

Now that I am home alone more I’ve gotten to taking walks in the late afternoon/evening and Anjie loves it. She takes a short nap in her pram and literally stops as soon as I stop pushing the pram! The girl just likes enjoyment I tell you! I’m also going to try getting out more and going to Children Centres to meet more mums and just basically occupy myself and Anjie too! We’ll see how it goes…

Fortunately for me, our surgery is just about 15minutes walk from the house so we took a walk there for her 6-8week check. Initially, I got a letter saying her 8 week immunisation would be the following week but when I got there the doctor said he normally does both! So that’s what he did! I had heard lots of horror stories about the 8 week jab but my Anjie was a trooper, bless her! She cried a little and went to sleep just like that! Prior to having the jab, she also got weighed and is now 5.4kg, just over 11lbs! She’s growing everyday! At the rate she’s going we’ll have to move her to 3-6 months clothes sooner than expected! Her height and head circumference also got measured and that’s fine too. All in all, she’s doing great, so we thank God for that. I know she’ll continue to grow stronger and bigger everyday!

The only thing which is still frustrating is the baby rash which has now moved to ezcema :-(. We’ve been given Oilatum junior cream and bath additive so will continue to use that. We were advised that it could take a while so just keep at it and that’s what we’re doing. I’ve also reduced the baths from daily to three times a week as I’ve been told her body needs to retain moisture and bathing regularly at this stage reduces that due to the dry winter weather and all! The joys of being a parent! Sometimes she gets very itchy on her face and she looks so uncomfortable! But we just need to hang in there and use the cream regularly! It is just for a time…

If anyone has got some miracle cure for eczema in babies I’m all for ideas so please drop me an email or comment! It’ll be highly appreciated! But till then, I’m off to apply some more cream!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend people!

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