Anjie and the battle with natural black hair

So, this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now and today, I said, enough! I will write this post…

Natural black hair is something I’ve always been used to. Growing up, the thought of relaxing my hair was absolutely unheard of until I finished secondary school! I had low-cut most of my primary school days due to having a very sensitive scalp and only starting plaiting it when I entered secondary school. When I was in University I cut my hair several times then I came to the UK and finally cut it again at end of the year. So, what am I trying to say? Low cut (and I mean LOW CUT) has never really been a big deal for me!

But with Anjie, it’s a bit of a different story…

When Anjie was born, she had lovely curly hair, it was lovely to brush and all, then it started to straighten out and I was like, oh yes! I can start packing her hair up in little buns! It was fun, for a while… That is until I realised Anjie wasn’t really into having things on her head! And that included little buns and lovely colourful head bands, cute flowers and ribbons. In other words, Anjie is not very much of a girlie girl (that said, I’m not really so it kind of reflects in how I dress her… guilty). But I pushed on and fought the tears to get her hair done – while she wasn’t mobile. Once Anjie started walking, that went out the window too! Getting her to sit still long enough to get the hair done was a lost battle!!


Somewhere in all this we also had some issues with hair loss especially around the middle of her head! Which means she had lovely full hair in front but the middle and the back was something else! But still I tried! Until one day I said to hubby, you know what? I think we need to trim her hair – so we did! The first time we were too sacred to cut it low so we ended up not cutting it evenly and obviously the front outgrew the back in no time and we were back to where we started again!

So last week, we said enough and cut Anjie hair evenly low, all round! Its taken some getting used to seeing my baby with low-cut but I think she still looks cute! She’s even been called my mini-me, which is music to my ears(looking like mummy/daddy rivalry and all). Although a lot of people don’t agree with me! 🙂 And of course, it doesn’t help that she can now officially pass for a boy!! And trust me, this has happened a lot!

I’m not overly worried about her hair as I know it will grow back, eventually, but I think the part that gets to me is when she’s mistaken for a boy! I think, maybe I should have put some ribbons, and dressed her more girlie but then at the last minute I’m like , whatever!

Really most days I’m just like you know what? When she’s ready (and the hair too), she’ll come to me and say she wants long hair THEN we’ll get the hair done and be all girlie! After all, it’s only a matter of time… right?

What do you think?

Have a lovely week!


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4 comments on “Anjie and the battle with natural black hair

  1. Awe, I love the short cut – she’s still got such a sweet face that she looks like a little girl – especially when you dress her in those pretty dresses!!! What a doll, I love it!

  2. I think cutting her hair was a great idea. Now it will hopefully all grow in together and make styling easier for you. Plus with her earrings and sweet dresses with cute cardigans (LOVE that look!!!) anyone who mistakes her for a boy needs extra strength glasses! My daughter has the same issue with balding in the back, but she has so little hair that there is not much to trim.

    • Honestly, this hair business is something else! What gets me though is when I see 2 year olds with LONG hair… don’t get me started! 🙂

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