AngelCare Baby Monitor – My best baby buy so far

Caroline, one of my dear readers (;-)) recently made a comment about her best baby buy and got me thinking about what ours was! After much thinking and pondering, I’ll have to say it has to be our AngelCare Sensory Mat and Baby Monitor!

With Anjie, my mum and I eventually accepted the fact that we weren’t going to get her to sleep on her back much, and trust me we tried, a lot! My mum put her on her tummy one day and OMG she slept like a baby! Now my mum having raised five kids knows what she’s doing, but there has been a lot of talk about cot death and infant death. I’ve done enough research to know it is very real and there are a number of possible reasons for it. The research shows babies that sleep on their back have reduced cases of sudden infant death compared to those that sleep on their tummies.

So for our peace of mine we decided to get a baby monitor which also monitored body movement including breathing; this was once we found out she slept much better on her tummy. We’ve also taken other preventive measures but so far the monitor gives the most reassurance!

The Angelcare monitor comes with a sensory mat which we put under herr mattress and an alarm goes off if there’s no movement after 20secs. The good thing about the alarm is it not only alerts us but the baby as well and once the movement is detected the alarm stops! How cool is that?? Initially the monitor used to go off a lot even though Anjie was breathing fine but we realised we needed to position the mat more under her and this resolved the problem of scary false alarms! Thank God for that!

The baby monitor unit itself is also great! It is a two piece set – the stationary piece and the mobile parent piece which we carry around the house with us.The stationary piece has a nice bedside light which is just bright enough to see without waking baby up with the main room lights, this comes in handy a night. It also doesnt have any of those annoying static sounds. The sound monitor only comes on when sound is detected in the room and goes off once it stops. So if Anjie cries but stops the monitor goes back on silent.

It also monitors the temperature and goes off if it goes above or below a set temperature. Right now we don’t really use this feature since Anjie’s in the same room as us but once she moves to her room it will come in handy then.

Overall, we’re pretty pleased with our buy and couldn’t have asked for a better baby monitor. This way, we get to have the evenings all to ourselves, that is when Anjie agrees to play! 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend!


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