And I begin to Waddle

Well, like the title says, I have sadly begun to Waddle… How so very depressing!!

This week started like any other week except for the tiny fact that my engagement ring no longer fits! The horror!! Thank goodness my wedding ring still fits although I find that a bit strange considering they’re supposed to be the same size! Oh well… Better than nothing!

As I was saying, I’ve started waddling around like a whale and I still have over 10 weeks to go before the little one drops and 7 weeks before I start my maternity leave! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive another 7 weeks of walking to the bus station and waiting for a bus! Every step is a breathe in itself! And my feet feel so heavy! You know when your wearing big boots and they’re soaked in water but you still need to walk with them? That’s exactly how my feet feel when I’m walking! Lol…

Did I tell you that the new place is about 10-15mins walks to the bus stop? Fortunately, Babes will be dropping me off at work in the morning so all I have to do is find my way home after work, in the dark, in the cold… Not fun.

Also this week we’ve been moving our stuff gradually to the new place and will have the final inspection on Friday so we need to be out of here for Thursday, which is tomorrow! Its been ptty busy week and still got tons to pack with last minute cleaning up to do… And this weekend is going to be just as long with so many deliveries and cleaning up to do. And no, I’m not doing any heavy lifting or cleaning, I’m leaving all that to my hunky hubby, bless him!

Fun times I tell you!

Anyway that said, need to get back to cleaning and resting (not sure which order that goes though…)


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