And finally we go shopping…

At last, we order our first baby stuff!

I know! am I mad? Waiting this long and all! But then again it could be said that we wanted to be sure and wait a little longer! But we saw a good deal and decided to go for it!

We got the Mothercare Spin Travel System. It comes with the pram/pushchair convertible and we also went for the Maxi Cosi car seat as well. Hopefully this will be the most expensive baby gear we buy and we’ll use it for a number of years and most likely hand it down to the brother or sister.

So why did we go for this travel system? Good question! There are so many brands and types out there its confusing! We spent weeks doing research for the Mothercare Mychoice and decided to go with that. However, we went in store to check it out and literally fell in love with the Spin and made the decision on the spot! It was a little more than we had in mind but it felt right after taking it on a test spin. Fingers crossed we won’t have any major issues with it. And even if we did, Mothercare will be hearing from us!

The other things we will be getting should be much cheaper and I’ll be on the look out for bargains as well. With the travel system we figured it was a good idea to go for quality most importantly. With things like a cradle or cot which we should be getting soon, we can always go for something cheaper but invest in a good mattress. For the clothes, I’ve made up my mind that there’s no point in buying the designer/high fashion brands until the little one stays in a cloth size for a longer period! No point changing clothes every 2-3 months and spending all that money! So we’ll be going for the nice but non-pricey clothes! Although I know I will make an exception to this rule every now and then…

So yeah! Wish us luck as we make a slow but steady start to the baby buying spree…

Enjoy your weekend!

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